WhatsApp Started Rolling Out Picture In Picture YouTube Video Playback Feature

Each day WhatsApp is introducing new and new features to its Android and IOS Users. Now, the Facebook owned company is finally started rolling out Picture-in-Picture YouTube Playback feature to all its users.

The new feature was supposed to be rolled out earlier. This feature was announced very long time back and was made available initially for the IOS users. Now, it is available for Android Users also. If we look back, we can see that WhatsApp is rolling out new features so quickly now.

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Last month all the users received the one of the biggest update, The Sticker Feature and it was one of the most welcomed feature around the globe. If you still not received the sticker feature, you can check how you can enable it without further wait. If you are interested in stickers, you can also check how you can create your own stickers for WhatsApp. Now, let us see what the new YouTube Playback feature is all about.

What is Picture-in-Picture YouTube Playback

You may know that, previously if you share a video to your friends through WhatsApp, the link will be available in the chat with a small thumbnail (image), video link and the title. It will be same, if you receive any YouTube link from others too. Once you click on the link, it will open the YouTube Application in your mobile and start playing the video.

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Now, with the new update, the story has been changed. Now, the links you sent or received will looks bigger. Along with the video title and the link, the thumbnail image has been changed. It is now showing a blurred image of the video with a video playback button over it. The image block is now bigger and you can see the YouTube branding over the bottom.

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The most important part is the playback feature. Clicking on the video link now will not take you to the YouTube App. Despite it will start Playing the video inside a floating window within your chat window. You can move the floating video window to any part of the screen.

If you wish to see the video in full screen mode. Then, there is an option to view in full screen and also minimize it back to the floating window. Another main highlight of this feature is that, you can continue chatting with your friends while watching the video.

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Earlier, when we click on any YouTube link from WhatsApp, it will take us to the YouTube app and we were completely go offline from WhatsApp. Now, watching YouTube video will not make us offline. It will keep playing the video over the top, at the same time, you can chat with your friends too.

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If the new feature is not available to you, then update your WhatsApp now. Go to Playstore and check for the update available for the WhatsApp. if no update available, then you can download the latest official APK file from the WhatsApp website itself. If you don’t know, how to do that, then read our article that explains everything about, how to install the WhatsApp APK file safely on your mobile.

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