Installing WhatsApp APK File from the Website. Does it make any Problem ?

Many people are now asking is it safe to install the WhatsApp APK file other than from the PlayStore You can check how you can install the APK file on your mobile.

Since the WhatsApp sticker feature is being rolled out to the users and most users are not getting the updated version of the application via the play store, they have to download it from the WhatsApp website to get the sticker feature active. As a result, many people are getting confused about whether the application downloaded from the website is safe or has any problem with your mobile or WhatsApp account.

Installing WhatsApp APK

The answer is ‘Installing WhatsApp APK from the trusted or official website is completely safe.’ This is because the WhatsApp application you are downloading from the official WhatsApp website is safe, and it is the same as that of one available in the play store.

The only difference is that you will get more latest updated version from the website when compared to the play store. So you can do it to enable the sticker feature on your WhatsApp account. You can check how you can enable the WhatsApp sticker on your mobile too here.

Here what happens is, WhatsApp regularly updates its application with bug fixes and feature updates. It may happen mostly every 2 or 3 days or a maximum of once a week. Once they update the application, they will upload the latest APK file to make it available for public users. At the same time, they will upload the updates in the Play Store also.

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There is some difference, and After uploading the application to the PlayStore, it will be delivered to the users on a queue basis by the PlayStore. Since the user base of WhatsApp is huge, it will take some time to get the updated version delivered to all the users. Some people will get the update very quickly, whereas some others very late. In this case, to make it available as early as possible, WhatsApp is uploading the same copy of the application on their website. Any user can instantly download the application from there.

Both application, the same signature key is signing the one on the website and one in the play store. So no need to worry about the security problem. So that it will get updated via the play store later too if one new version is available in the play store.

So in the case of WhatsApp, installing the application from the official website is safe, and you can do it at any time. But do not download any application from any other source than the official website since we cannot guarantee the application is official or modified. So in the case of installing the APK file, only download from the trusted source, not from any available link.

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Once you download and install the latest APK file, you don’t need to uninstall the previous version. Since you are downloading a higher version than the one already on your phone while installing it, it will automatically update the existing one without deleting any data. So click in the APK after download and install it.

Note: You cannot update with a lower version compared to the one on your mobile. In this case, you are downgrading the application, so you may need to uninstall the existing application and reinstall it.

Download the WhatsApp APK file from the Website

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