How To Enable Dark Theme in YouTube App on Android Mobile

Today we will discuss, how we can activate the dark theme or dark mode feature in the YouTube application. As we all know, Google is now revamping all its application with a new material 2 design which makes the feel of application similar in desktop and mobile version with the all new white layout. The company started updating the applications such as Google Phone, Contacts, etc. now they updated the same in almost all the applications such as YouTube, Google Keep, Google News etc.

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The new design give the application a clean and attractive look and feel, but the all white look is not acceptable for some users, also some others are saying that, it will give the display a full bright feel all the time and thus cause more draining of battery too. So, google decided to add an option to enable dark theme for its application and now, it has been added to applications such as YouTube, Google Messages, Google Contacts etc. Now the Google Phone also receiving the dark theme support.

Here we will check how we can enable the dark theme feature in the YouTube Application

Step 1: Open the YouTube application and click on you profile icon on the right top

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Step 2: In the next page, you will get options, from the list, click on ‘Settings’

Step 3: Now, you will be taken to the settings page, there click on the ‘General’ option

Step 4: In the general settings section, you can see an option called ‘Dark theme’

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Step 5: Enable it, now your entire YouTube application will be in Dark Theme.

In order to revert back to the original white layout, follow the same step and disable the ‘Dark theme’ option

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