How to Add Your Own Personal Sticker Pack To WhatsApp

The recently introduced whatsapp stickers has been become one of the trending feature in the recent time. In the beginning of the month, when the company introduced it, so many people where unable to get that activated on their whatsapp account. In that case we explained the solution, for enabling the sticker pack on the whatsapp account. And now, it has been rolled out to all the users.

WhatsApp already have few in built default sticker packs within the app. Also, other than that, we can download third-party sticker apps available in the play store to have more stickers. Here, we will explain how you can create your own personal sticker pack. You can create your own face as sticker and send it to your friends. This cannot be achieved with single click or only with an application. You need to do some minor work on your photos to get this things done.

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Step 1: The first step is to create a transparent image (a PNG image).
You may notice that, the stickers have only the face or the object without any background. Normally when we take our photograph, we have our face on the image with other backgrounds.

To create a transparent PNG file, you need to remove all the backgrounds from the image in-order to keep your face only their.

To maintain the good quality and dimension, try to keep the image resolution as 500×500 (if you are not keeping this resolution, no problem, then also your sticker will work). Then remove the background of your image and keep the needed portion only in the image and save it as PNG file.

You can remove the background of the image using any of the free online tools available or using one simple android app called ‘Background Eraser’. You can download the application from this link.

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Using this application, you can create as many images you need. The quality of the transparent image you created will depend on your effort. Since the application is only a tool to remove the background. You have to remove the background manually. So take your own time to create your perfect image.

Step 2: Now, keep all the images created by you in a separate folder in your mobile.

Step 3: Next, we need to have another application to make this images as sticker pack and add it to whatsapp account. For this, downlaod the application called ‘Personal stickers for WhatsApp’ from the Play Store. You can download it from the link

Step 4: Open the application, you can see an empty screen with no sticker selected. Now press on the menu on the top (3 dots). Then you will get 2 options, ‘Create Sticker Pack’ and ‘Search for stickers’. Click on the ‘Create Sticker Pack’.

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Step 5: In the next page, you will see all the PNG images on your mobile, along with your own created transparent image. You can add any PNG file in your sticker pack, but the problem is that, since the background is not removed for those images, it not look like as stickers when you share it with your friends.

Now, Give any name to your sticker pack and add your images to that pack, by just clicking on each image. The selected image will be seen on the top. Note, you need to add at-least 3 images to create a sticker pack. Then click on the ‘Tick’ Icon.

Step 6: Now, a confirmation message will appear, asking you to add the pack to your whatsapp. Just click on the ‘ADD’ button.

Down, Now your personal sticker pack is available in your whatsapp account and you can send it to your friends and family.

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