Facebook owned whatsapp always try to add more and more features to its application, in order to keep its position always top in the Messaging service. In the past time company came with so many small and major feature update and changes. Here we will check some features that whatsapp recently introduced.

1. WhatsApp Stickers

This is one of the major feature update by whatsapp in the recent time. The sticker in messaging service is not a new idea, many other instant messaging services such as viber, line etc already have this feature. Now whatsapp came with the same sticker feature in their application. This service is one of the most awaited feature and it became so popular in a shot period. Now the feature has been rolled out to all the users, if you didn’t get the feature yet. then you can check how you can enable the sticker feature in your whatsapp.

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2. Private Reply in Group Chat

This is another feature which was in beta stage and now being rolling out to the users. This feature will help you to reply to any message in your group chat privately. If you reply to a message from group using the private reply option, then the reply message will be visible to that particular person only. You can check how the private reply in group chat actually works.

3. Swipe to Reply

Previously you can reply to a particular message in a chat by long pressing any message and just writing the message directly in the typing area without clicking on the reply button. You can perform the same by long pressing and clicking on the reply button on the top. Now the feature is changed. You can do reply using the reply button as like before, but long pressing and typing directly will not work now. In this case you just need to swipe the message that you need to reply to the right side, then you can type the reply message in the typing area.

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4. Swipe to Reply for Status

Similarly a swipe to reply feature has been added to the status also. Previously for each status image/video there was a reply button available which can be used to reply to that status. User can click on that reply button to do so, now the feature has been changed with a swipe option. Now you can just swipe up the reply button to make a reply.