WhatsApp Unable To Record Voice on iPhone – Fix

WhatsApp voice messages are now commonly used as an easy and quick communication option. However, initially, the option to send messages is via text only, and we need to type the entire message for the recipient.

However, with voice chat or voice messages, the entire way of messaging has changed. Now we can send messages to any other WhatsApp using voice records. This makes communication easier by directly recording the voice and sharing the same. You can save much time typing the message if it is too lengthy.

The voice message option of WhatsApp is available on both Android and iOS. The message can be sent between any device too. However, iPhone users are experiencing a strange issue in which the voice message recording is not working.

WhatsApp Voice Message Unable to Record

While recording a voice message on WhatsApp, many iPhone users face the issue of the voice recording not working. While tapping and pressing the voice recording icon, a small notification sound gets popup and then disappears. As a result, the recording cannot be done in any way. Even after repeated pressing and sliding to keep the record status ON, it won’t work. So here, we will check how to fix the recording not working issue on iPhone WhatsApp.

How to Fix the Unable to Record Voice on WhatsApp iPhone App

The issue of voice recording issue happens due to the app-level random error occurring on the iPhone. The problem is not so common and won’t get appear randomly. The chance of voice recording error is so rare that you won’t be able to replicate the same once fixed.

To fix the issue, you don’t have to do anything bigger. First, switch off your iPhone and then power it on again. After booting up, go to WhatsApp on your iPhone and start recording the voice messages without issues.


The voice recording not working on iPhone is not a common issue; it happens only in rare cases. So if the voice record option is not responding, simply reboot the iPhone, and you are good to go after the device starts and continue sending WhatsApp messages using voice.

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