WhatsApp Stickers Not Available? How to enable WhatsApp Stickers on Android?

WhatsApp recently introduced the Strikers in their Android and iPhone application. The feature is now rolling out to users, and many people have already received the update, where some are still waiting for the feature.

It is one of the greatest features of WhatsApp and was widely accepted by users within a few days. However, even though the stickers are available in other messaging applications such as Viber, Line, etc., Facebook-owned company came with this recently only.

Yes, now it’s active, and you can use it on your mobile, too, even though you didn’t receive the update. Here, I will tell you how to check whether this feature is enabled for you. If not, I will let you know how you can enable it too.

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The first thing you need to verify, that you are using the latest version of WhatsApp. For that, you need to open your WhatsApp, then Goto Settings from the top 3 dots, select Help, then click on App info. There you can see the version of the application. If your version is 2.18.329 or above, then you are good to go.

whatsapp version min

If the version is older, download the latest version from the Play Store or the official WhatsApp website. If you are downloading the APK file from the WhatsApp website, then download it and install it on your mobile (no need to uninstall the old one, it will automatically update the old WhatsApp with new one without deleting anything). You can check how you can install an APK file on your mobile.

Please note, even after updating the latest version of WhatsApp from the play store, you need to verify that you are updated with the latest version. Since the feature is not fully rolled out to the users, the play store is still delivering the previous unsupported version. So you may still have a version less than 2.18.329 even after updating. In that case, you have to download the latest APK file from the WhatsApp website and install it.

There you will be getting version 2.18.339 now. So better to download from the WhatsApp website rather than updating via the play store. You can check how to download the WhatsApp APK file from the website and verify whether it is safe to do so.

After updating the WhatsApp, please check if the sticker options is enabled on your mobile. For this, in the WhatsApp chat window, click on the emoji button (from where you are sending the similes) There, if the sticker is added to your WhatsApp, then you can see a 3rd option in the window for stickers next to Similes and GIFS.

whatsapp sticker emoji min

If the option is still missing, you have to do one more step. Go to the play store and download any of the Sticker applications for WhatsApp, such as StickoText. You can check our article about the StickoText application and how to add sticker pack on WhatsApp.

After installing the application, open it, and you can see different packs of stickers there, Click on any of the items or press the ‘+’ button to add it to your WhatsApp. It will show a confirmation message to add that sticker pack to your WhatsApp. Press OK.

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whatsapp sticker pack min

Done, now the sticker pack is added to you WhatsApp account. Now go back to the emoji section, and you will see an option for the sticker, where you can see all the added sticker packs.

Click on the desired sticker to send that to your friend. You can install any sticker pack from the play store as the same. Since the feature is released recently, there are only a few sticker packs available currently. I will see more stickers soon.

Note: Please share your feedback about the Latest WhatsApp stickers in the comment section below, and if you find it useful, please share it with your friends and family. Also, if you find any difficulty in enabling the sticker feature on your WhatsApp account, please put your question in the comment section below. We are online here and will reply to it quickly. You can come back and check your query answered.

WhatsApp sticker feature is now fully rolled out to all the users, and currently, it is getting activated with the latest update from the play store without any further steps. However, if the feature is still not available for you, please do the above steps to work for you.

81 thoughts on “WhatsApp Stickers Not Available? How to enable WhatsApp Stickers on Android?”

    • Did you installed any sticker app from the play store ? if not install any sticker app for whatsapp like StickoText and add any available sticker to whatsapp. Then the button will be visible.

    • after installing both, you need to add any one sticker pack from sticktotext app to your whatsapp. did you tried that option ? please let me know.

  1. I have updated whatsapp and reinstall ed from playstore but not able to see, u installed above sticker app but app says please update whatsapp even it is already updated, what to do ??

  2. Play store is not showing update for whatsapp…. I can’t download directly from.. Whatsapp website either what to do🤔

  3. Sticker button is not visible even after installing the sticko text in the letest version of whatsapp… When trying to add from from sticko text its showing your whatsapp does not support

    • Hi, if you are getting the message ‘your whatsapp does not support’ then your whatsapp is not updated. may be the version you are using is 2.18.327. can you please check that. please download the latest version from the whatsapp website.

      Please let me know if you found any difficulty.

  4. Hi, Vipin Good Morning.. I have latest WhatsApp version (2.18.342 Beta) but unable to get stickers option. I uninstalled the app and downgraded to 2.18.331 beta.. but still unable to get the stickers option. Please tell me what i have to do now

  5. Hi,
    I don’t have any updates on playstore the version I have is .327 . The playstore WhatsApp shows only two options uninstall or open no update option. I did update which allowed me to see stickers sent by others. (Diwali wishes sticker)

  6. Hi I have update my WhatsApp app to 339 and shaowa the version add sticotext application as well still stickers icon is not visible for me

    • Hi Nithin,

      Did you added the sticker pack to the whatsapp from the StickToText application? Then only the sticker icon will be visible in your whatspp.

  7. Hello friend,
    I have downloaded latest version 2.18.343 , installed but still not showing stickers. It says same error message please update your whatsapp. However i am able to send stickers and they show in chat. But for receiced stickers it still shows whatsapp not supported. Could you please help.

  8. Bhai site se update kiya….fir stickotext se sticker add kiye…..stickers added to whatsapp… Uske baad bhi gif k bagal me nahi show kar ra

  9. I got it….

    Jo upar likha gaya hai waisa hi karo…..uske baad gif pe click karna….fir uske baad stickers show karega….it is the answer

  10. Thq for a such valuable explain about Whatsapp sticker , i had read yours well replied answer in comment section , that one make me to get a sticker on whatapps . Kindly share , is that any language sticker avail on app store .?

    • Thank you Senthura for the feedback. good to know that it worked for you too. I will check your request and if found anything interesting will post it in the website. Do visit the blog.

  11. I am able to add whatsapp stickers pack but the stickers disappear after I turn my phone off and back it on. If I want to get some stickers , I have to add the stickers pack again.

  12. I searched this on almost every website but not a single one gave me correct information. But this website gave me the correct and accurate answer to my problem and now I can share stickers with my friends. So thanks alot bro
    Very useful

  13. I’m using the latest version of WhatsApp but I can’t find stickers icon next to gif icon what’s wrong with it?

    • Hi Saiyaf,

      You need to add any sticker pack to your whatsapp using any 3rd party apps like stickotext. Please follow the steps in the article.It will fix your issue.

  14. Even after using sticko to add all the sticker packs successfully, it just doesn’t show up in the whatsapp app. It’s just the 3 original sticker packs. No option to add but only to rearrange those 3 damn packs.

  15. I have done all these steps.. even the last one i.e downloading third party stickers.. but it does not work in my MiRedmi 3s prime phone.. i have used the same methods for another phone and it worked. The whatsapp version, android version, phone version everything is updated and up to the requirements for stickers to appear, yet it does not appear.. what shall i do? I have whatsapp 2.18.341 version.. i have however got the new emojis which i could not find in the other phone where i could enable the stickers .. it seems if we get new emojis we don’t get stickers and vice versa

  16. I have already updated my WhatsApp and was using the stickers for some 2 days and then after that I am not able to access them .Like I can see the sticker icon , but no stickers seem to load even if I hav a lot of packs . This has nothing to Do with net connectivity cuz the gifs seem to load . PS : I use version 2.18.376 and I am in the beta program

  17. hey
    I’ve downloaded the sticker packs but when i open them its just saying ‘ sticker pack added to whatsapp’ but am not finding the stickers


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