WhatsApp now used as the primary medium of communication everywhere. And in many cases, there are situations where we need to reinstall the WhatsApp on the mobile. It can sometimes be once a new mobile is purchased, or in some cases, it might be when once the phone is formatted.

In all the cases, it is essential to restore all the messages after the reinstall too. Because now, all the critical communications are vai WhatsApp, and we need to have the backup of all those messages. No issue; there are a couple of simple options so that we can have the backup of all the WhatsApp messages and can restore them quickly.

Here we are checking the two easiest and straightforward way to restore all the messages after reinstall.

  1. Via Google Drive Backup
  2. Via Local Backup File

1. Restore WhatsApp Message via Google Drive Backup

It is the easiest method of restoring the WhatsApp messages, but it requires more data, and a good internet connection depends on the size of the backup file.

Step 1: Click on the settings in Whatsapp

Step 2: In the settings page, click on the Chat option

Step 3: From the new window, click on Chat backup option

Step 4: In the chat backup page, you will see a button for taking the backup and also below that, there is an option for Google Drive settings.

Step 5: In the google drive settings, check whether you have added a Google account; if not, then click on Google Account option and add your Google account.

If you are adding for the first time, then some permission will be asked, you need to allow them.

Step 6: Once the Google account has set, click on the Backup button.

Step 7: Now, the backup process will start, and then the backup files will be uploaded to Google Drive. You can see the status there itself.

Step 8: Once completed, your WhatsApp messages backed up entirely to Google Drive, and you are ready to restore them.

You can do the rest, either formatting the device or reinstalling on the same device, whatever it might be you can continue with the rest.

Now the restore steps can be continued, before proceeding, make sure that the previously used Google Account for backup to google drive has already added in your device.

Step 9: Install the WhatsApp and proceed with the registration.

Step 10: Once the registration is done after verifying the OTP, WhatsApp will look for the backup, and it will show the last uploaded backup file from google drive.

Step 11: Click on restore; it will download the backup file and restore it on the device. It might take some time depends on the backup size.

Step 12: Once done, you can continue as usual by entering your name and complete the installation process.

And done, now you are good to go with the new WhatsApp installation along with all the previous messages.

This method is simple and doesn’t need any extra effort. But in some cases, it may not help you. If your internet speed is very low and your backup size is much larger, it will take much time to back up and restore.

In this situation, we can consider the local backup solution.

2. Restore WhatsApp Message via Local Backup

Step 1: Open the file manager on your phone and navigate to the Internal storage. In the internal storage, find the folder ‘WhatsApp’ Inside that folder open folder named ‘Databases’ There you will see some files. Delete them all. They are the currently available backup files.

This process is not mandatory, but we are doing this to avoid confusion. Some users may find it challenging to identify the latest backup file later. So we first clear all the existing backup files.

The next steps are the same as above. It would help if you opened the chat backup option and need to click on the ‘Backup’ button. You can continue till 5th step mentioned above. The google drive setting is optional here.

Step 2: Once the backup process has completed. Open the file manager and navigate to Internal Storage > WhatsApp > Databases

Step 3: In the ‘Databases’ folder, you will find a new backup file. Copy that backup file to your PC or SD card depends upon your choice.

Once done, you can proceed with the rest, either formatting or device or installing WhatsApp on a new device or just reinstalling whatever it might be.

Step 4: Now, install WhatsApp, and before proceeding further. Open file manager and goto Internal Storage.

Step 5: Check whether you have a folder named ‘WhatsApp’; if yes, open it and check for a folder called the ‘Databases.’

If the folders are not present, you need to create them accordingly manually. Its location is Internal Storage > WhatsApp > Databases

Please note that the spelling and letters to be the same as mentioned with both small and capital letters.

Step 6: Now copy the previously taken backup file into the Databases folder.

Step 7: Now open WhatsApp and proceed with registration. Once OTP verified, it will look for the backup file. Once detected, you need to click on the Restore button and continue as mentioned above.

In this method, the backup file is within your device, so even if the size is more extensive and your internet speed is slow, you can quickly restore all your messages.

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