StickoText – WhatsApp Sticker application Pack, Download & Check how to add Sticker Pack for Free

In the previous article about how we can enable WhatsApp stickers on the android devices, we used one of the popular whatsapp sticker application that available now in the play store, that is StickoText. It is one of the most downloaded application in the play store now. Today we will check how to install the application on your mobile and add the sticker pack on your mobile. You can also check how to install Whatsapp latest apk file from the website, to enable the sticker option on your mobile also.

Initially the application was named ad StickoText in the play store and recently the developer changed the name of the application as ‘Sticker Packs For Whatsapp’. Originally the name is StickoText and the developer changed the name in order to make it identifiable for the users by the name itself.

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In order to use the application, goto the play store and search for the StickoText application. You can also find the direct play store link at the end of this article too. Simply click on the link will take you to the application. Install the application on your mobile.

Once the application is installed, you can find various sticker pack added in the application under different category. If you are opening the application for the first time, you may notice a ‘+’ sign at the right side of each sticker packs. The ‘+’ sign means that, you didn’t added that pack to your whatsapp account yet and you can add that to your WhatsApp account. Once you added any pack to your WhatsApp, the ‘+’ sign will changed to a ‘Tick’ mark, so you can identify which pack is already added and which pack is missing etc. Please note, you can add pack from the sticker application, in order to remove any added pack, then you have to go to the ‘My Stickers’ section on the WhatsApp and remove from there.

To add the sticker pack, click on the ‘+’ sign and then a confirmation window displayed to add that to your WhatsApp account. Click on the Ok button and you are done, that pack will be added to your WhatsApp account. You can now see the added sticker from the sticker section within the WhatsApp. If you click the sticker pack itself, you can see all the available stickers in that particular category and you will get an option to add the pack to your WhatsApp , by pressing ‘Add to WhatsApp’ button.

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