Nowadays, most people want to make money online through freelancing. However, there is quite fierce competition among employees on regular freelance marketplaces, so a novice freelancer does not always manage to take orders and earn money regularly.

In addition, there is a category of people looking for secondary sources of income or passive profit. Fortunately, there is one option for such people – it’s working with AppWork because the creators of this platform have come up with a specific solution.

AppWork is a unique product on the market which has no analogs. The platform publishes ready-made mobile applications on Google Play. Most mobile app developers don’t want to waste time publishing their products and are willing to pay for them so that someone else does it for them.

The principle of the application is to find such people. It is worth noting that, according to, in 2022, the total number of available apps on Google Play reached 2.65 million, so there is work for everyone.


Who is the platform suitable for?

Furthermore, the platform is suitable for anyone, and anyone can earn money because there is no rating or qualifying system and no entry thresholds. The work is so simple that the principle of the platform can be described as “a little more complicated than the registration process,” To work with AppWork, you will not need programming knowledge or special equipment; it is enough to have access to the Internet and a laptop.

Registration process

However, to work with the platform, you need to pay attention to two things. First is registration on the platform, which is very simple and transparent. You register using your phone number, receive a confirmation code in an SMS, and enter it on the website.

Second is creating a developer account on Google, without which you will not be able to publish applications on Google Play and, accordingly, fulfill orders in AppWork. To create this account, you must pay Google $25, which AppWork will refund you right after the first completed order.

How system works

If we have dealt with the registration process, let’s find out how the system works.

Developers of mobile applications visit the website, create an order and find willing freelancers ready to do this work. Next, developers make a deposit, then freelancers publish ready-made mobile applications through Google developer accounts created by them; for this, they will receive instructions and a mobile app that will need to be published, and after completing the work, money will be credited to the balance immediately.


Yes, you will not make millions, but despite this, the system is ideally suited as an additional type of earnings with minimal time and many orders. In addition, the platform pays up to $10 for each application update in Google Play. A fee of $ 0.17 per day will be credited to your balance until the application you published is available for download.

By the way, it is $62 a year for doing nothing; sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Moreover, there is a referral system on the platform which means that you can receive passive income thanks to your friends; if someone has registered by specifying your referral code, then you will receive 10% of their net income from each invited friend. So, as you can see, there are many ways to earn money.

Reliability of the platform

Don’t worry; AppWork is trustable because it cooperates with many companies and individuals whose activity is related to the development of mobile applications and the IT sphere as a whole.

Moreover, the platform works on a failsafe system of payment for tasks. It means developers will prepay all publications to avoid force majeure situations. So, there is a guarantee for money payout and all transactions.

Another feature of the platform’s most important component is that there are no viruses in the applications issued to users, and they are not malicious.

In addition, you can ask a question to the support service at any time. You will receive a response quickly, as the support service works promptly and will help you solve any of your problems. In addition, there is a very friendly community here. For example, you can share your experience on social networks and leave a review.


According to freelancers’ reviews, the platform pays more than all other freelance marketplaces on the market. Also:

  • AppWork has no analogues on the market
  • Can adequately serve as a source of good additional profit
  • No special knowledge or equipment is required
  • Transparent operations
  • Quick money withdrawal
  • Guarantee for all transactions and money payout
  • Polite and fast support
  • Friends referral system
  • No viruses in applications issued to users


The platform is unsuitable for those looking for a primary source of income because they may not be satisfied with their earnings.