How to Join Clubhouse? Here the Steps to Enter Chatroom

The clubhouse is the trending name in the social media world now. Yes, the new social media platform now got widespread attention, and users are trying to join the audio-based social media platform. First, however, some people asked us how to join clubhouse and to participate in a discussion.

The concept of Clubhouse is exciting, and thus it got this extensive support even though we have multiple social media platforms these days.

Facebook is based on Posts that include images, text, videos. Similarly, Instagram is Photos sharing platform, Twitter for microblogging. However, Clubhouse came with something different, and it is an entirely Audio-based platform.

The clubhouse is a platform for users to easily find and join discussion groups freely and participate in the discussions. It is simple and easy to use. The most attractive factor is its quality. The audio quality is impressive too.

Let keep the features and functionality of Clubhouse aside, and we will see why the registration of Clubhouse is not happening.

Not able to Join Clubhouse?

Since more and more people are interested in the platform and trying to join Clubhouse, you will probably get a message saying that the registration to Clubhouse is based on invite-only and you need to wait for some time.

Yes, The platform is not completely rolled out for the public now, and hence the joining is limited to invite-only. Furthermore, since Clubhouse for Android is in the partial beta stage, only those who received the invitation from other users can join the audio platform.

How to Join Clubhouse Successfully?

Step 1: Download the Clubhouse app on your mobile.

Step 2: Once you open the app, you can see two options.

  • Get your username
  • Have an invite text? Sign in

If you have already received an invite message from one of your friends, please select the second option and register using your mobile number.

In this case, you will join the platform without any issue since you already got the invitation.

If you didn’t receive an invitation, no issue, still you can join it.

Click on the ‘Get your username’ button, complete the registration using a mobile number, and create a username.

In the end, you will get notified that your username is reserved. However, you can join once someone moves you from the waitlist.

In this case, you need to ask your friends or relative who is already a part of the Clubhouse to add you to the Clubhouse from the waitlist. Once you have successfully joined Clubhouse, then you may search for the best places to buy Clubhouse followers to get more engagement. 

But, as more and more people are joining now, definitely some of your friends might join already. So you will probably get added to the social media platform by those because they will get notified about your waitlist. So you don’t even have to ask them.

So as said above, either wait for a few hours to get added automatically by someone or ask your friends to move you from the waitlist so that you can joinClubhouse immediately.

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