We live in a digital world where more and more services are conveniently moving online as app products. As of 2023, the Apple App Store has over 1.96 million apps available for download, and the Google Play Store has over 2.87 million. Most people use several apps daily, and it’s safe to say they’ve made life more accessible, efficient, and better.

One of the fastest-growing categories of apps is health and fitness apps. These apps offer an alternative to expensive trainers, gym memberships, and studio-based fitness classes. You can find anything from meditation apps to calorie trackers and everything in between.

This is a wonderful opportunity for people to access training expertise that might not be available in their location, and it opens up health and fitness services at price points far more reasonable than what is available in in-person settings.

All of these factors make fitness apps inclusive, effective, affordable, and, best of all, convenient. Most people struggle to find time to fit healthy habits into their schedules, and apps make your fitness journey completely customizable and portable. You can now keep a coach in your pocket to keep you on track all day.

One of the best health and fitness apps available for this purpose is the all-in-one health app called FitCoach. We’ve decided to delve deep to offer a comprehensive FitCoach review. This app has a near-perfect rating of 4.7/5.0 stars from 142,000 FitCoach reviews on the Google Play Store and 60,000 FitCoach reviews on the Apple App Store! Below is an honest analysis of what to expect from the Fit Coach app.

What is FitCoach?


FitCoach is a robust app with a personalized fitness plan to help you reach your unique fitness goals. The user experience begins with a thorough intake questionnaire to help determine what sort of fitness plan you need. It will ask you about your current body and fitness level, what you’d like to focus on (weight loss, muscle building, etc.), what your lifestyle is like, if you follow a specific diet, what motivates you, your availability for working out, and much more.

This extensive questionnaire may take a few minutes but is more than worth the effort. This allows the app to act as a personal FitCoach to create a smartly designed plan that works seamlessly with your lifestyle.

Your final plan will include the following:

  • a personal training plan with timed workouts to follow along with demonstration videos,
  • a step tracker,
  • a meal plan and recipes,
  • a workout history tracker,
  • audio prompts during workouts,
  • a weight tracker,
  • And training reminders.

These features will make it easy to stay on track with your goals and get you the results you want faster.

Perhaps the best part of FitCoach is how incredibly convenient the workouts are. The app provides bodyweight workouts that require zero equipment! This means you can do them anywhere, anytime. Better yet, the app will ask you for feedback after your workout to determine if it was too easy or hard to adjust accordingly for your next session.

The workouts range anywhere from 7-30 minutes, but despite the short length of the sessions, you’ll be burning up 200 calories per workout! This makes getting fit incredibly convenient regardless of how busy you are and whether or not you have access to gym equipment.

This app is like having a trainer in your pocket daily to help guide you without causing unnecessary hassle and stress. It’s as fuss free as possible while still giving incredible results.

Where to Find the FitCoach App

If you’re curious about this app and ready to try it, you’re likely wondering where to find it. Lucky for you, it can be easily downloaded from both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.


It’s compatible with Android and iOS devices, which means it’s readily available for anyone to use regardless of their preferred platform.

User Experiences

The best way to determine if an app is worth your time is always by reading customer reviews. Overall, the feedback from most FitCoach app reviews is highly positive. You can check what the users say about the app from the the App store and Play Store reviews to get more about the app.

Like all highly used apps, there are some negative reviews. The most common complaints are generally misunderstandings surrounding the subscription model and how to cancel payments. It’s worth reading the fine print carefully before signing up for any app to be aware of incoming payments.

FitCoach clearly outlines its subscription model and sends a warning notification before incoming charges. They also respond to and address each complaint individually and readily provide refunds when they’re warranted.

A few other FitCoach app reviews with a negative tone simply stated the app is not motivating enough and that they prefer the accountability of an in-person trainer. This is a matter of personal preference and will be the case with any online fitness application. It doesn’t reflect the quality of the app. It’s also worth noting that most FitCoach reviews are positive.

Reliability and Authenticity of FitCoach

The final consideration you might have before trying this app is its reliability and authenticity.

Judging from the currently existing FitCoach reviews, they appear to have a strong commitment to customer service based on their quick responses to negative and positive comments. They seem to make an effort to resolve any customer issue that comes up. Another promising fact is the continual software and content improvements in response to customer concerns.

The app also contains reliable fitness recommendations since it was developed in partnership with several fitness professionals. Though users with specific health concerns may do better with an in-person trainer to accommodate their concerns, the app workouts are perfectly suited for generally healthy individuals.

You could spend hours perusing all the existing FitCoach reviews, but the only way to know if this app will work for you is to try it. FitCoach makes this easy since affordable, minimal commitment subscription plans or temporary trial offers exist.


The FitCoach app appears to be a legitimate option for conveniently increasing fitness and health. There is an overwhelming consensus in FitCoach reviews that it can help you establish a consistent routine, keep you on track for your goals, and provide you with affordable expertise. As this app continues to grow and improve, there’s no limit to where it could take your fitness.

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