Facebook owned WhatsApp is always adding new cool features to its application all the time. Last week we already saw one of the great feature of the WhatsApp, the WhatsApp stickers and it is still rolling out to all the users. If you are did not received the update yet, you can check our article to know how you can enable the WhatsApp stickers on your mobile too. Here, we will check the new feature that WhatsApp is going to introduce, the Private Reply option in the Group chat.

As we all know, till now, we can chat with our friends and family in a group and the WhatsApp group chat is almost public. Any message you wrote there will be visible to all the members in that particular group. In some occasions, we need to give specific reply to one of the message in that group and we don’t want any one other than the particular recipient in that group to saw that message. In that case what we usually do is to go back from the group chat and to open the individual chat of that particular person to message them.


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In the new Private Reply feature, it will be easy to do the same task. If you find any message in the group to be answered privately and you don’t want anyone other than that particular person to see that message to see it. You can achieve that now from the Group Chat itself. Just long press on the the particular message that you wish to reply privately, then on the top setting icon (3 dots). There you will get an option saying ‘Reply Private’. Click on that and you will get option to reply that particular message.

Once the message is send, the corresponding reply will be sent directly to that particular persons personal chat with a notification saying the message is a reply for that persons message from one of the group. The reply message that person receive will contains, the information such as, The group name, the message that was replied, and your reply message.

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Hence the message is sent privately from the group, there will not be any details available in the group regarding that. It will be completely private. Even though The new feature is useful to some extend, but it is not officially rolled out to the users, the feature is still under beta testing and is currently available in the beta version only. In the next few days, it is expected that the WhatsApp Private Reply feature will roll out to the public users.

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