How to Remove or Dismiss Yourself as Admin From WhatsApp Group

The most popular messaging application WhatsApp is updating its services with more and more features and security things each day. Regarding Group privacy and security, the company has recently made many modifications, including giving admins more privileges to manage the group.

Dismiss Yourself as the Admin of a Group

Now, an admin can restrict a group in which he can control how the messages are sent. In addition, he can limit the privileges of the group members. Unlike the old feature of adding a new member and assigning a member as an admin, the admin can now dismiss another admin and convert him into a regular member. This option is directly available in the Group Settings option, whereas one admin can dismiss another admin without removing him from the group.

Even though this feature is available, another big feature is missing in the application: we cannot remove ourselves as an admin from a group.

Let us see the matter in detail. We cannot delete the admin role if we are added to a group and assigned as the group’s Admin. The only option available is to exit our-self from the group and ask the other admin to add again to the same group as a member. Or you can request another admin to dismiss you as admin from the group. In both cases, you need the help of another admin to do so.

But now, we have a trick by which we can remove our-self as admin and be part of the same group as a regular member even without the help of any other admin.

As we mentioned earlier, we need to change our role from admin to the regular user in some situations because, in some cases, we are assigned as the admin without our approval. Any admin of the group can assign you as the admin. It doesn’t need your approval. Also, if an existing admin leaves the group, the admin role is automatically assigned to a random member. This also, we cannot stop. In all these cases, we need to change our admin role.

Now let’s see the actual trick here.

Step 1: If you are a group admin, then within the group chat window, click the 3 dots (settings) on the right top corner.

whatsapp group admin remove 1

Step 2: You can see an option called Group Info in the available option. Click on that.

whatsapp group admin remove 2

Step 3: The next screen will show the group details, such as the participants, settings option, etc.

Step 4: On that page, you can see an option called “Invite via link”. Click on that

whatsapp group admin remove 3

Step 5: In the new screen, you may see an invite link generated with options such as Send via WhatsApp, Copy Link, etc.

Step 6: Click on the ‘Copy Link’ option; now, the link is copied.

whatsapp group admin remove 4

Step 7: Please keep the copied link somewhere else, in a notepad, or anywhere else.

Step 8: Return to the Group Info page, scroll to the bottom, and see an option called Exit Group. Click on that.

whatsapp group admin remove 5

Step 9: A confirmation window will come up and ask you to exit or not. Click on Exit.

whatsapp group admin remove 6

Step 10: Now, you are removed from the group. The last step is to take the previously copied invite link and click on that, and Now it will ask you to join the group. Click on ‘Join Group’. Done; now you are in the same group as a normal member.

whatsapp group admin remove 7

In this way, you can remove your role as the admin from a group without any other’s help and be a part of it as a normal member.

FAQ About Remove From WhatsApp Group

Following are some general questions and the answers to the queries related to Dismiss Yourself from a WhatsApp Group.

What happens if a WhatsApp Group Admin Left the Group?

If an admin left a group without assigning anyone as the admin. WhatsApp will automatically assign one of the group members as the new Admin. No group can exist without an admin on WhatsApp.

How to Change WhatsApp Group Admin Without Admin Right?

It is impossible, and only the admin can change the user status. Non-admin cannot change the status of any user. If a new admin is to be added to the group, it can only be done by one of the current admins of that group.

How to Remove Admin from WhatsApp?

if the group has more than one admin, and if you notice, one admin should be removed from the group (for any reason). You should inform the other admin(s) and ask them to remove someone from the group. If the group has only one admin, it is not possible.

How to Become Group Admin in WhatsApp Again After Removal?

It is possible, but the current admin is the one who decides whether to add the removed person again to the group and to give them admin rights.

How to Exit From a WhatsApp Group?

if you decide to leave a group, you can exit the group with a few clicks. Open the Group Chat, then click on the Group Name. From the following windows, scroll down to the bottom to find an option Exit Group. Click on the to exit from the group.

How to Remove Yourself From Group Message

Even though the tutorial describes removing yourself as the admin, you can remove yourself from the group messages if you are not an admin. Exit the WhatsApp group, and you no longer receive any further messages posted in the group.

How to Remove Yourself From a Group Chat if Somebody Add you Without Permission

Now we can see that several spammy WhatsApp groups are being created and adding members in bulk for promotion and some scam activities. If you were added to such a group, you could remove yourself from the group by exiting such a WhatsApp group. But before leaving, press the Report option and exit so that WhatsApp will identify such spammy groups.

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