Why the WhatsApp Status of My Friend is not Visible to Me ?

Many people are asking me the question that, why the status of their friend is not visible for them even if they saved their number in the contacts. It is not actually an issue or any technical problem. The answer is simple, ‘your friend doesn’t have your number saved in their contacts’. As per WhatsApp’s privacy, our status can only be made available those who are in our contacts.

If you check the privacy settings in your WhatsApp (from the application, settings >> accounts >> privacy >> status) you can see only 3 options

  1. My Contacts
  2. My contacts expect…
  3. Only share with…

The first option will let you to make your status available to all the numbers saved in your contact, who have WhatsApp account.
The second option will let you make it available to all the numbers in your contact expect the selected people.
The third option is mostly some sort of private mode, you can select only those who like, so that people can only see your status.

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So as we mentioned, WhatsApp does not have an option to make your status available to public. So you can only see it if your friend have your number saved in their contact. It does not have any relation whether or not you have their number saved on you contact.

Regarding this same matter, then a second question comes from many users. if it is like the above mentioned way, then why they can see the profile picture of their friend, if they doesn’t have your number in their contacts.

It also different and not related to the status. One more time, you can check the privacy settings (from the application, settings >> accounts >> privacy >> profile photo), here you can see 3 options

  1. Everyone
  2. My Contacts
  3. Nobody

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Everyone – If it is set in this option, anyone who have whatsapp can see your profile photo, no need to save the number in the contact.
My Contacts – It is the privacy mode and in this option, your profile picture will be only visible to those numbers saved in your contact.
Nobody – Here you profile picture will be hidden and only you can see it, no other person can see it.

So in general, WhatsApp status by default (once an account created first) is set to My Contacts and profile picture to Everybody. It can be changed at anytime if you need.

23 thoughts on “Why the WhatsApp Status of My Friend is not Visible to Me ?”

  1. Hey there,
    In my friends contacts my number is saved and there’s isn’t any privacy but still i m unable to see their status. I also asked him about it and he said that he specially uploaded that status for me keeping the thing in mind that my number is saved and status must show to me but still not showing. Please help..!

    • Hi Andy,

      Normally, the status should be visible to you. It is recommended to ask your friend to refresh his/her contact. And try is it working.

  2. Hey there,
    I changed my WhatsApp number and since I have been unable to see my contacts statuses and they didn’t see my dp as well

    Please what can I do?

    • Hi Bisola,

      Your friends needs to have your new mobile number in their contact to see the statuses and the dp as per your privacy settings. If still problem persist, please refresh your whatsapp contact list.

  3. Same problem with my friend phone, I’m sitting right in front of his phone and mine, He can send me messages and I can send him messages too. But I can’t see his status nor can he see mine. His number is saved in my phone, so is mine in his but the problem is still persisting. Annoyed AF!

  4. I am with my fiance phone rn, he uploaded and I can’t view his upload and he can view mine. Also all setting is good.

    • If your number is saved in other party’s mobile, you can see their status (you should not block them from viewing your status). If still issue, kindly refresh the contact list and try again.

  5. I can’t see any others whatsapp status in my phone now a days, I have to see whatsapp status of my all friends, what will I do

  6. Hello.. I recently formatted my phone, and reinstalled WhatsApp, but since then I’ve not been able to see anyone’s status update. The funny part is that they’re actually viewing mine, while I can even see theirs.

  7. Hi. My whatsapp contact status don’t show anymore. My last seen show everyone, status should be viewed by contacts and read receipt is on. The statuses disappeared and new ones didn’t show anymore. But when i put a status everyone views it


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