How To Run Android Applications on Windows or Mac Devices

Many people are trying to find a solution to run Android application on the Windows machine, PC or Laptop. For this, first i would like to tell you that there is no option to directly run an android application on any other device than your Android devices. However, there are software available for windows or mac to run the android application on any windows or mac machines.

Here, we will check how we can run android application on a windows/mac PC or Laptop. The software used for this is NoxPlayer. NoxPlayer is a Free Android Emulator on PC and Mac in which you can run any android application on your windows or mac machine within this software. The NoxPlayer creates a Virtual Android Device within the software on your PC/Laptop and on that, you can install any android apps as like in the normal Android Mobile or Tablet.

Features of NoxPlayer

The clean and tidy user interface makes your way easier in accessing the content you have.

One of the main reasons to use these emulators is for gaming purposes as Android does have some really sophisticated games. Nox App Player is fully compatible with gamepads and controllers as most of the Android emulators does not allow the users to use controllers or gamepads. And till date no users had issues using any controllers or gamepad with Nox App Player.
One of the most painful thing in installing these emulators is that they don’t come with the Play Store to download the apps directly from it. Nox App Player comes with 4.4.2 KitKat version of Android which also means that it comes with Play Store to download the apps and to use it at ease that does not cause any error reports while installing the apps.

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The users might question for an Emulator the minimum requirements include 1 GB Graphics Card, is unnecessary. But, this is where the Nox App Player makes the change over here. When compared to the other emulators the Nox App Player gives the best user experience and gaming experience because of the great graphics. This feature makes the Nox App Player to stand out of the other Emulators.

No Emulator allows the user to open more than a single app, in other words, no Emulator allows multitasking which is so difficult for the user who uses more than single app at once. Nox App Player allows the user to use multiple apps all at once which indeed allows the user to do multi-tasking. This is a real-time feature which makes Nox App Player the best choice.

Most of the Emulators are reported not working on Windows 10 but Nox App Player saved those Windows 10 users because it is fully compatible.
Other features like shaking and a browser is also available with this Nox App Player.

Nox App Player allows the user to capture picture and even record video that could be saved on the PC.
The latest update of the Nox App Player allows the user to customize the sidebar.
For the users who are searching for an Emulator for their PC, Nox App Player could really work out as it would meet all your needs as an Android Emulator. And for the other Emulator users who are unhappy with their Emulator’s performance must switch to the Nox App Player as it would be the best Emulator for all types of users.

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How to Install NoxPlayer

Download the Nox player from for Windows or Mac.
Install the Nox App Player on the PC.
Wait till the installation process gets over and then click on Start button which seems on the Nox App Player window.
Now, the Nox App Player get the installer updates and stores them in the local storage i.e. the hard disk.
Right after the Player finishes the installing the updates, it might as the user to sign into his/her Google account (just like every Android device when switching on the device for the first time).
Once the user completes this step, the installation of the Emulator is complete as it will show the home screen.

Download For Windows

Download For Mac

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