WhatsApp Stickers Starts Rollingout and will be available to All Android and iPhone Users

Whatsapp has announced that stickers will be rolling out to Android and iPhone users over the coming weeks. Whatsapp for Android beta version 2.18.329 or higher versions and iPhone users will get this feature.  Along with a collection of default stickers, WhatsApp has provided a dedicated Stickers Store from where you can download new sticker packs for free. There are 12 sticker packs provided by WhatsApp.  And also we can download sticker packs directly from Google Play.

If you want to use a sticker in  your chats, you need to tap the emoji button from the chat bar and then tap the stickers icon from the bottom bar.All the previously used stickers are shown in the history tab. Similarly, there is a favorites tab that includes all the stickers that you’ve marked as favorite by pressing the star option after selecting your favorite sticker in a particular chat. You can select the available stickers from the sticker category tab and  there is a plus button that takes you directly to the Stickers Store.

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You can visit the Stickers Store to find appropriate sticker packs for your chats. All the available sticker packs are listed in All Stickers tab. You can choose one of the sticker packs. You just need to hit the download button to download it on your device. Also, you can tap any of the listed sticker packs to view all its available stickers. If you tap the My Stickers tab from the Stickers Store, you can view all the downloaded stickers. At the bottom of the All Stickers tab, there is a Get More Stickers button that helps to download sticker packs other than ones listed on the Stickers store. You can also remove  downloaded sticker packs directly from the My Stickers tab available on the Stickers Store .

WhatsApp has provided you to send grouped stickers. You only need to send multiple stickers from your device and those will be available in the grouped form on the recipient’s device.

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