How to Install APK File in your Android Mobile

Many people may not know, how we can install apk files in our android mobile. Normally we are installing applications from the Play Store, where we just need to search the application and click the Install button, rest will be automatically done. But in some case, we need to install some application which is not available in the Play store.

Here, we are installing that via APK file, which is the installation file for android which is same like the exe file in the Windows Computer. Following are the steps done to enable the Installation of APK file on your mobile, by default the APK installation is blocked in the Mobile.

Please note, installing APK file does not harm your mobile or it will not cause any issue, but do install only trusted APK files, because there are so many spam and hack apk files available in the internet, so please identify the one you trust and install that only. Even in case if you need to install updated whatsapp on your mobile before you get the update via play store, you can check this article explaining how you can install whatsapp apk file and to understand whether it is safe to do so.

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Step 1
Goto Setting, and from there select Security option.

Step 2
In the security option, you can see an option called Unknown Sources. By default this option is disabled (unselected)

Step 3
Select the option, to make it active. Then a pop up message will come, saying that,
“Your Phone and personal data are more vulnerable to attack by apps from unknown sources. You agree that you are solely responsible for any damage to your phone or loss of data that may happen result from using these apps.”

Ignore the message and select OK

Done, now you can see the option is activated and you are ready to install any APK file.
Dont get panic by the above popup message, that just a precaution that google showing. It does not means that if you install any apk, your phone and data will be lost. Normaly, google let users to install application from the Play Store only, which means, we can trust those application becuase google is monitroring those applications.

But if we are installing apk file from outside, Google is not able to identify any suspecios activity in that app, hence they are warning us that, they are not responsible for any damage and loss.

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We just need to identify trusted APK file only, if so, no problem with your phone.

Fine, now you can install APK file, just download or copy apk file on your mobile and click on that, it will ask you for permission to install. Click on the Install button. Done.

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