10 Best Wayback Machine Alternatives to Check Old Websites

If you’re looking for tools to save and view old versions of websites, the Wayback Machine is the popular tool that used by most users. However there are some good WayBack Machines Alternatives available. You can give a try. Here we are listing some of the top 10 Wayback Machine alternatives that are easy to use and have some unique features:

  1. Fluxguard – Uses AI to track website changes and give summaries
  2. Stillio – Automatically takes screenshots of websites on a schedule
  3. Archive.today – Saves website copies without using ads or tracking
  4. Perma.cc – Great for keeping online sources from academic papers safe
  5. Memento Time Travel – Combines archives to show a website’s history
  6. PageFreezer – Cloud tool for businesses to save social media and websites
  7. The Memento Project – Brings together data from the Wayback Machine and more
  8. Webrecorder – Lets you make your own recordings of interactive websites
  9. Webrecorder Player – Allows you to view and use the recordings you made
  10. Amber – A WordPress plugin that saves copies of pages you link to

10 Best WayBack Machines Alternatives

Now have a look at the details of all those wayback machine tools.


Fluxguard is great for saving complex websites, even the ones with lots of interactive stuff. It uses advanced AI to track changes and give you a summary of what’s different.


Stillio automatically takes screenshots of websites for you on a schedule you choose. You can save multiple websites and even connect it to Dropbox.


Archive.today one makes a copy of web pages, including both the text and images. It’s all about keeping your privacy safe and doesn’t use any ads or tracking.


Perma.cc is perfect for keeping online stuff cited in academic papers and legal docs safe. It makes sure you can always access the digital references.

Memento Time Travel

Memento Time Travel brings together archives from different places on the web. It lets you see how a website has changed over time, all in one spot.


If you’re a business looking to protect your online content, PageFreezer is a solid choice. It’s a cloud-based tool that archives both social media and websites.

The Memento Project

Like Memento Time Travel, The Memento Project combines data from multiple sources, including the Internet Archive. It gives you a full picture of a website’s history.


With Webrecorder, you can create your own interactive recordings of any website. It’s great for saving dynamic content like videos and interactive elements.

Webrecorder Player

Webrecorder Player is a wayback tool that lets you view and interact with the web archives you made using Webrecorder. You can use it right in your browser, even when you’re offline.


Amber is a WordPress plugin that automatically saves copies of the pages you link to in your posts. It helps prevent broken links by storing snapshots of the linked pages.


While the Wayback Machine is a well-known tool for saving and exploring old versions of websites, there are many other great options available. These alternatives offer unique features, like using AI to track changes, automatically taking screenshots, or preserving interactive content. Some focus on privacy, while others are perfect for businesses or academics.

Whether you want to protect your own website, keep a record of online sources, or just explore how websites have changed over time, there’s a tool on this list that can help. With these Wayback Machine alternatives, you can ensure that valuable online content is preserved and remains accessible for years to come

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