Best Wayback Machine Alternatives

Wayback machines are the most popular and most famous archives of websites in the world. As they have more than 400 billion pages on the servers and this is why they are the best choice for most of the websites. The way back machines are mostly used by historians and researches so that they can preserve the digital artifacts. But there are some limitations to the Wayback machines as well and this is the reason why people are always looking for their alternatives.

If you are looking for alternatives to the Wayback machine, then here is the complete article to help you out.

We have here prepared a complete list of open (free) and paid software

It comes on top under the list of alternatives to the way-back machines. It is a tool that makes a copy of a webpage. This is a nonprofit organization with a data center in Canada The copy is retained even after the removal of the original page. The major features of areas:

  • Provides better accuracy and precision as the application saves text and the graphical copy of the page as well.
  • An unalterable record of any webpage is provided in the short links.
  • With the help of the tool, one can easily track the changes on the website that contains the job offers, price lists or the listings, etc.
  • It can store the static pages with a short URL and the pages generated by the web 2.0 projects like google maps etc.
  • There are no malware and the popups on the saved pages.


This is the SaaS service that offers the service of archiving with blogs, websites, social media, etc. Also, the financial services firms and enterprises can easily capture online conversations. This also ensures the monitor risk. The major features areas:

  • Being available online, the app makes sure that the authenticity and the integrity of records for the website are validated.
  • Also, it is capable of collecting the dynamic web content in real-time.
  • The app is capable of storing internal social media networks as well.
  • The app can monitor the activity of potential risks.
  • SMS or text messages can be easily archived.
  • Online content management is much easier.
  • Accessing the past web on-demand is also easily applicable

Developed and maintained by Harvard law, is one of the best web archiving app. The app comes with a lot of features for the users and also can help the users to create a permanent record of the websites. The major features of the app can be listed as:

  • Links can be deleted even after 24 hours of creation.
  • Archived records can be easily viewed and managed with the link of
  • Inserting URLs via blogs and paper articles is much easier.
  • Creates the record of the content of a website.
  • During the preservation fails, the app gives the alternative to upload the PDF file or image.
  • Permalinks can be accessed easily via tiered subscriptions.
  • Users can be assigned to any organization very easily and simply. Users can submit their email address for the cloud-based program.

Memento Time Travel

This is the application that helps in viewing the past versions of the webpages. The following are the major features of the application:

  • To search the webpages, it can check the whole range of the servers.
  • The web page components based on the requested times by the users are displayed to them.
  • The web server content is self-archived.
  • Various components like the HTML, Style sheet, and images, etc can be focused on this tool.
  • Distribution of the archival Date time can be easily seen with the help of the timeline of the tool.
  • Also, the bar graphs are present which makes it easier to manage and check the missing components on the site.

UK Web Archive

It is capable of collecting numerous sites and can be preserved for future purposes. The major features are:

  • Searching is made easier on the various themes and topics as well.
  • It can collect videos, images, HTML, and pdf, etc.
  • Automated collection of a range of UK website is done by the tool automatically.
  • This is the list of the major and top 7 alternatives to the Wayback machines. Hope the article is helpful for you to know about the other tools that can be used by you. Share your reviews and the experience with the tools in the comment section.

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