Wayback machines are the most popular and most famous archives of websites globally as they have more than 400 billion pages on the servers. And this is why they are the best choice for most websites.

The way back machines are mostly used by historians and researchers so that they can preserve digital artifacts. But there are some limitations to the Wayback machines as well, and this is why people are always looking for their alternatives.

If you are looking for alternatives to the Wayback machine, then here is the complete article to help you out.

We have here prepared a complete list of open (free) and paid software.


This is best used for capturing screenshots of the website. It can get the screenshots at regular intervals as required. Also, it provides other features to control the website compliance, monitoring and SEO rankings, etc. The major features of the stillio are:

  • Website screenshots at regular intervals
  • Website compliance
  • Trend tracking
  • Content verification
  • Site archiving
  • SEO tracking

If you are looking for an Internet time machine that can manage and look at a site’s history without costing too much, then this is the just perfect option.


For most people, this is the best alternative as it is easier and quicker to use. It helps the users to check for the history of the website as also provides on-demand snapshots. This gives the graphical information as well as the other data on the website. The major features are:

  • Tracking of site changes
  • A graphical copy of the site is saved
  • The text of the site is saved
  • Salvage images of a domain
  • This is the perfect option for those who wish to create a copy of the web page


It comes on top of the list of alternatives to the way-back machines. It is a tool that makes a copy of a webpage. This is a nonprofit organization with a data center in Canada. The copy is retained even after the removal of the original page. The major features of the archive.fo areas:

  • Provides better accuracy and precision as the application saves text and the graphical copy of the page as well.
  • An unalterable record of any webpage is provided in the short links.
  • With the help of the tool, one can easily track the changes on the website that contains the job offers, price lists or the listings, etc.
  • It can store the static pages with a short URL and the pages generated by the web 2.0 projects like google maps etc.
  • There are no malware and the popups on the saved pages.


This is an alternative Wayback machine that makes use of the crawling technology much similar to Google. It provides screenshots even of the online conversations. Pagefreezer also provides data export, live browsing, and digital signature features to the users. Some of the major features areas

  • With an online app, you can validate the record integrity and authenticity
  • Real time access to the dynamic web content
  • Keeps the record of the activity for potential risks
  • Encapsulation of the chat conversation


Developed and maintained by Harvard law, Perma.cc is one of the best web archiving app. The app comes with many features for the users and can help the users create a permanent record of the websites. The major features of the app can be listed as:

  • Links can be deleted even after 24 hours of creation.
  • Archived records can be easily viewed and managed with the link of perma.cc.
  • Inserting URLs via blogs and paper articles is much easier.
  • Creates the record of the content of a website.
  • While the preservation fails, the app gives the alternative to upload the PDF file or image.
  • Permalinks can be accessed easily via tiered subscriptions.
  • Users can be assigned to any organization very easily and. Users can submit their email addresses for the cloud-based program.

Memento Time Travel

This is the application that helps in viewing the past versions of the webpages. The following are the major features of the application:

  • To search the web pages, it can check the whole range of the servers.
  • The web page components based on the requested times by the users are displayed to them.
  • The web server content is self-archived.
  • Various components like the HTML, Style sheet, images, etc., can focus on this tool.
  • Distribution of the archival Date time can be easily seen with the help of the tool’s timeline.
  • Also, the bar graphs are present, making it easier to manage and check the missing components on the site.

UK Web Archive

It is capable of collecting numerous sites and can be preserved for future purposes. The major features are:

  • Searching is made easier on the various themes and topics as well.
  • It can collect videos, images, HTML, and pdf, etc.
  • Automated collection of a range of UK websites is done by the tool automatically.
  • This is the list of the major and top 7 alternatives to the Wayback machines. I hope the article is helpful for you to know about the other tools that you can use. Share your reviews and experience with the tools in the comment section.


It can take clear screenshots of the references that the authors note. The major difference between the Wayback machines and webcite is that it provides detailed snapshots of the author cited. Here are the features

  • Indexes the cited web pages, texts and photos that are relevant
  • Glitzy designs


It provides detailed information on the website. This is more than a website repository and provides detailed information on the webcite. From contact to the website traffic, Alexa rating, data, etc., are provided with it. iTools also make use of the Alexa tool to get a better level of information about a website.

  • Access the database of Alexa with it
  • Website analyzer
  • Website archive
  • iTools is the best choice in case if you are looking for an alternative to the Wayback machine to get the knowledge of the screenshots and the coding structure


It provides the information on the next level about a website, including the information on the competitor websites. Alexa is one of the most recognized websites that provides the website’s complete history and browsing history. Also, it helps in performing the complete competitive analysis and provides information on the keyword research and site ranking.

  • You can get access to the history of the site
  • Gets the deeper insights for a website even beyond competition
  • Competitive benchmarking
  • Alexa rank and other traffic statistics
  • Alexa provides a great competitive analysis that can be a great alternative to the Wayback machine for getting all the information related to a website.

Time travel

This lets you know what does a site looked like for a particular time period. It has been built with the archive. Today API and can be used as an upgraded product. It also provides the memento of different archives. Some of the major features areas:

  • Distribution of the archival Date time can be easily seen with the help of the tool’s timeline.
  • Also, the bar graphs are present, making it easier to manage and check the missing components on the site.
  • Self archives the materials on webservers.
  • Searches the entire server to search for web pages.

In the article, we have listed some of the most popular and useful Wayback machine alternatives. The best depends on the specific requirements. For users looking for something to manage the site’s history, then stillio is the best choice. On the other hand, to get detailed snapshots of the author-cited references, a Website is a great option.

Page freezer can be a great option for someone looking to capture the online conservations and keep an eye on the financial services and corporations. However, to those looking for some extended knowledge of the screenshots and the coding structure, iTools is the best alternative.