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Over the past decade, there’s been a very important transition – digitalization, where paper documents are transformed into digital format. Most of those documents are used in offices and most of the business-related critical data is stored in those files. This is why business owners must ensure that their data is well protected.

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The most common file type for keeping secured data is a PDF file format. It ensures that all the content of the document remains the same and if needed, it can be password protected so only the person that has to see the file can access it. Hence, it is perfectly normal for this kind of file to replace the hard copies.

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The thing that makes PDF great is also the thing that can slow down the businesses. When you reuse one document type for many uses, you usually need to change the date, name of the person, or use a different address. But you can’t make changes to a document, no matter how small they are. This can be really annoying when dealing with a large volume of PDFs.

Luckily, the PDF to Word Converter app was developed by Cometdocs, to overcome those problems. It enables you to convert any PDF to Word document on your mobile phone. With this app you can easily convert PDF to a more suitable document, that can be edited on the go. No need to sit in the office where you are tied to a desktop computer.

Features of PDF to Word Converter

No restrictions on number of converted files and their size

PDF to Word app is free to download and allows you to convert big and complex PDFs without any limitations in terms of file size and a number of free conversions. This might come in handy when dealing with massive reports with multiple pages. PDFs are light-weight documents, but even they can grow to a formidable size. So, you can be at ease with this app, because there is no limitation on document size.

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Excellent PDF to Word Conversion Quality

The biggest issue with converter apps is the conversion quality. This app offers a good conversion quality which will deliver the Word document with all the elements intact of the original file. This enables you to spend less time fixing the formatting errors that might occur during the conversion. It can convert with great success even reports that have tables in them.

OCR technology Included

The app is equipped with high-quality OCR technology that allows text recognition from scanned files. Most of the documents in the office are actually scanned PDFs, that you send via email. This makes even the scanned PDFs convertible. And if you play smart with some cam scanning apps and this app you can create, edit and send your documents, just by using your phone. Being able to convert scanned PDFs as well, is a huge plus.

Convert Files From Cloud Storage

PDF to Word app lets you convert files from Google Drive, iCloud, Onedrive, Box, Dropbox, and in the iOS version you can also convert Gmail attachments. You would only need to sign in to these services from the app and you’ll be able to see available files for the conversion.

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As many businesses have become cloud-oriented, most of their files are stored in cloud services, that enable users to access files wherever they are. This switch from paper document to cloud storage, provides quicker access, easier document manipulation and storing. When you look at the bigger picture then this feature in the app becomes very useful.


Considering the state of technology in business and how they interact, there is plenty of space to improve our business by implementing new apps. The time we spent on our phones and using applications is now longer than ever. The PDF to Word Converter app isn’t going to solve all your work difficulties, but it can help you a lot when working with PDFs.

Remember that you can use PDF to Word Converter app on either Android or iOS. Next time you find yourself in a tight spot when dealing with PDF documents, remember this app and give it a try.

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