SMS Organizer From Microsoft – The Best Application to Filter SMS

SMS is one of the most important thing now, in terms of personal, financial and any official matters. But organizing SMS in a correct way was not easy all the time. At this point, Microsoft came with a beautiful application called SMS Organizer.

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This application will automatically filter all the SMS in your inbox according to the category. So no more your messages will be all together. Despite, it will be categorized as Personal, Transactions and Promotions. All your personal messages will be in available under Personal Tab, All the transaction such as banking and other financial information will be available under Transaction and all the promotions, ads etc will be under Promotions tab.

Along with these 3 option, the app also let you to Archive your SMS. So if you find some messages not to show in the inbox, you can archive that, so it will be available in the Archive category. This application will also let you sent free SMS upto 30 messages every month.

One important thing is that you can register with this application only using an Indian mobile number only, which means Microsoft created this application exclusively for Indian Users.

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Following are the highlights of the application

Organize your SMS: Intelligent Categorization

Your Inbox is cleaned by categorizing your SMS into Personal, Transactional and Promotional categories helping you focus on the messages most important to you.

Unread Filter

Now quickly check only the SMS which you missed by choosing the Unread filter. Also the info bar shows you the count of unread sms and total sms

Smart Reminders

You will be reminded of upcoming trains, flights, buses, movies and bill payments using information in the SMS through timely reminder cards and notifications with action buttons like pay bill, book cab etc. Also there are contextual actions like check PNR status, check Flight status and do Check-in directly on the cards for quick access.You can also create a custom reminder to help you remember important items.

Support for FREE SMS

Now enjoy sending FREE text to any mobile number in India.

Support for Dark Theme

Switch to the new beautiful Dark theme at just the press of a button.

Support for Backup & Restore

So, the next time you format your phone or switch to a new device don’t worry about losing all your important SMS.

Customize your Inbox

You can favorite SMS for quick access, block spam senders and mark senders as promotional. Further, you can control the level of notifications, customize ringtones, increase/decrease font size etc. You can also quickly reply/delete from notifications itself.


The app is built to work perfectly offline i.e. without an Internet connection. All classification and reminder creation happens on the device itself.

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