Restrict Members From Sending Message in WhatsApp Group

WhatsApp is now used as the mode of communication for both formal and official purposes. Most of the business and organizations are using the platform to communicate with users. Almost all smartphone users have the messaging application installed on their smartphone which makes the communication easier too.

WhatsApp groups are made some time for official purposes an in some other case even for fun and other casual conversations. But these groups are sometimes will make issues with other members too. Especially the administrator of the groups will get in trouble with someone post unwanted or unfair posts or messages into it.

There are some cases where the administrator of the group needs to restrict the participants or members from sending the messages. Here we are looking at how to restrict the group members from sending the messages in a WhatsApp group.

The following options will be available only for you if you are an admin of the group. Only admin can restrict the members by the option.

Step 1: Open the conversation window of the chat. Ie. head on to the group where u are looking for the option.

Step 2: Click on the group name or click on the menu option and then click on ‘Group Info’.

Step 3: Now you will be in the details info section of the group. Then click on the ‘Group Settings’ option.


Step 4: There you can see two options ‘Edit group info’ and ‘Send messages’


Step 5: Click on the option, you will get two choices, ‘All participants’ and ‘Only admins’. Click on the option to ‘Only admins’ so that you can restrict the activity for admin only.


If you set ‘Edit group info’ to admin only, the only admin has the privilege to edit Group name, description, etc. If you set it as ‘All participants’, then any member can manage them.

In the same way, if you set ‘Send messages’ to admin only, the only admin can send messages in the group. Users can only read all those messages. If you set it as ‘All participants’, then any member can send messages.

Note that, the default option for these two settings will be ‘All participants’. If you didn’t set the options manually, then any user can edit info and send messages.

In this way group, the admin can restrict the participants from doing all these things.

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