Does pCloud be a Best Cloud Storage Alternative For Google Drive or One Drive

pCloud is one of the best cloud storage platforms available now and they made a good presence in the market these days. But, does pCloud be a good alternative for Google Drive or Microsoft One Drive, etc. Let us see what makes pCloud stand ahead of others and also check the pros and cons of pCloud.

There is no doubt, that pCloud is one of the best Cloud Storage services available now. But, on the other side, pCloud also has its own advantages and disadvantages. Here we will see the two sides of the popular cloud storage service

Advantages or the Features makes pCloud unique

  • pCloud provides the best cloud storage service at a very low price when compared to other popular services.
  • pCloud also provides lifetime plan, in which users can get either 500GB or 2TB of cloud storage at a competitive price for the lifetime without any monthly or yearly subscription.
  • pCloud’s windows based client is known and pCloud drive, which will act as an additional external drive on the system.
  • Since pCloud drive act like additional external storage, the storing of files are done directly on the server and it will not take any space from the local system.
  • The file sync of pCloud and the file transfer is extremely fast which makes it the fastest cloud storage.
  • pCloud’s privacy is based on the Swiss privacy policy which gives more security to the files.
  • pCloud also provides additional features such as Public Folder in which the same cloud storage can be used to store public files. It also helps to create an HTML website and make it available to the public using the same cloud storage.
  • The storage options are available with 500GB and 2TB plans that are available under monthly, yearly as well as with a one-time payment for a lifetime plan.
  • pCloud Save is a feature that helps save any image from the web directly to the cloud storage with a single click.
  • Remote upload is an additional feature that helps to upload a file from any remote website or URL directly into the pcloud account. Here, the normal download and upload process can be avoided by a single direct remote upload.

The disadvantage of pCloud Storage

The list of advantages is bigger, however, pCloud have some drawbacks.

  • The file encryption in the pCloud is available as an add-on feature and it is not available with any plan. Those who need additional security needs to pay for it separately.
  • The mobile application of pCloud is still basic, It has been improved much better from the initial release, but still needs improvements.
  • All the files are kept in the cloud storage without taking any space from the local system. But this makes some issue. If the storage provided by the pCloud becomes full, either it is 500GB or 2TB and at any time if you wish to take a full backup, then it will be extremely difficult to take the whole backup easily.
  • pCloud provides folder download option using the Zip and download method. But it will not work for huge folders. In this case, the user needs to download each file or inner folder within the main folder separately. It is time-consuming.

However, the limitations are minor when considering the functionality they offer. So in that case, we can say that pCloud is the best cloud storage option that you can use.

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