There are several cloud storage services available for you to choose from. It is not an easy task to select the best one by considering your overall requirements. If you are looking for the best cloud storage services, then you should go for pCloud right now.

pCloud is reliable and secure cloud storage that allows you to store, share, and work on your files quickly. As a user, you would be to access your files on any device at any time. It uses the same as Google Drive and one Drive, where you can save your large amount of files without any hassle.

Both pCloud and Google Drive offer a free plan to their users. In the pCloud free plan, you can store up to 10GB of data, and every friend you are referring to, you would get 1GB extra for sure. Google Drive gives you a free 15GB of storage and also to the premium users. However, One Drive will provide you with free storage of 5GB only. Like pCloud and Google Drive, a computer running macOS and Windows can connect to OneDrive.

In pCloud Drive, you can create a virtual drive on your device. All your stored data would be uploaded to pCloud’s servers and removed from your PC. If you want to use the files, then there is no need to wait for them to download as the pCloud will give full access to your files in a single click. Neither One Drive nor Google Drive supports this feature.

Here are the advantages of using pCloud for the users

  • It is very simple to use and higher storage capacity for saving your vital files
  • It has a great and stable GUI. pCloud can save your files better than any other cloud storage service.
  • It has a unique and attractive design, and the desktop application works smoothly.
  • You would be able to store your files in a remote location so that you would never lose them and can share across devices.
  • pCloud allow you to automatically backup all your videos and photos. You can also store songs on the servers and then stream it using their mobile app.
  • Users can keep their private files confidential with the top level of encryption with pCloud Crypto.
  • If you have used a cloud storage provider like One Drive or Google Drive before, then you do not have to worry. pCloud can easily exchange information with the 3rd party services and allow its users to upload from other sites.


I have personally used the pCloud storage service, and it’s great to handle all your essential files. If you are looking for a reliable and affordable service, then pCloud is just perfect for you. For those who cannot live without the collaboration feature, they can go for Google Drive or One Drive. After all, it is your choice to choose by considering your storage needs.

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