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Many people are asking which is the best backup software available for android for all the backup and restore process. I suggest Super Backup and Restore for it. The first thing I would like to tell you is that it is one of the best apps with all the needed backup functionality.

The main highlight of the app is that it’s totally free (ads in the app), very simple and fast. If you would like to get rid of the ads, then you need to purchase the Pro version. But in case of functionality, there is no difference in the Free and Pro version, the only thing is the Advertisement.

Now let’s see the functionality of Super Backup and Restore. This application is a basic backup and restores software in which you can take a backup of Contacts, SMS, Call Logs, Bookmarks, Calendar, Applications from your smartphone and Restore it all if needed. Restore is needed when you buy a new phone or done the formatting of your phone etc. This app is lightweight, feature-rich, and fast. It will not take your phone process much.

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Its a simple app, in the main window itself, you can see options such as Contacts, SMS, Logs, Apps etc. Click on any option and click on the BACKUP ALL button, all the contents will be backup ed up as a file on your phone. When you need the restore, just click on the RESTORE button, it will show all the backup files with date, click on the desired backup file to restore. You can also schedule the backup from the Settings and I recommend setting it on a daily basis, so every day it will take the backup of your contacts, SMS, etc.

superbackup screen 1

In my recommendation schedule it on daily basis for SMS, Contacts, Call Logs, Calendars and also enable upload to Google Drive too, this thing will be useful is at any cost, your phone is lost or damaged, you can simply install the Super Backup & Restore on your new mobile and just connect your Gmail id, all your previously taken backup can be downloaded from the Google Drive. Hence, daily backup scheduling will be recommended.

superbackup screen 2

Also, in the Settings, you can see the backup path, by default its set to phone storage, I recommend you to set it to your memory card, so that, the daily scheduled backups will be first stored in the memory card, then it will be uploaded to Google Drive, so if you formatted the phone without taking the backup, After the process completed, just install the Super Backup & Restore from play store and go to settings, change the default backup location to your custom location on the memory card (the folder you created previously). Then all the previously taken backups will be available in the app. So you can choose the latest backup.

superbackup screen 3

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Keeping backup files in the memory card and Google Drive will be best practice because, if you don’t have an internet connection in your phone at the time of restore, you can use the backup files in the memory card. Also, in any case, if the local backup is deleted, you have an additional backup copy in your Google Drive, so there is no chance of your data getting lost.

Other than these basic backups, you can also backup your installed applications too. You can take the backup of all the apps in your phone and it will be stored as APK files, you can install the apps back after reset quickly, rather than going back to play store searching for all the previous apps. You just need to enable in APK installation on your mobile and can be done quickly.

superbackup screen 4

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Talking about the cons, I cannot say anything major regarding the application. The free version has ads in it, but it is not annoying, so there is no need of purchasing the pro version. We are getting all the features in both versions. If you are looking for a good UI, I am not 100% satisfied with It, because the UI is very basic only. But I will not say that it’s not recommended. Even though I like good UI, I love this app, because of the functionality. One more negative side is regarding the scheduled backup. We can set the daily schedule backup of contacts, SMS, logs, etc. but we cannot set a preferred time for it. It will start taking the backup exactly at the same time you set the option in the next day onwards.

Do I need to purchase Super Backup & Restore Pro

The pro version and the free version offers the same functionality. The only difference is that the pro version doesn’t have ads and you can use it without any disturbance. On the functional side, there is no difference. If you are really annoyed with ads, then move ahead to purchase the pro version.

So i recommend you to download and install the application on your mobile to keep your contacts, sms, call logs all the time safe. Download it from Play Store

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