25 thoughts on “Fix ‘My Phone Numbers Mixing Up’ Issue in Android Contacts”

  1. thanks Vipin.
    Due to synchronization, my google account contacts is also messed up with duplicate and merged contacts.
    So even if I go with your solution, i end up with similar issue.

  2. This is not working on my Note 8, since after confirming Remove Account, it says that “Account is needed for some apps. You can only remove it by resetting to factory defaults (which deletes all personal data) To do this go to Settings / Backup ^ Reset.

    Any ideas on this please?

  3. The idea suggested here does not work at all. I am using ColorOS based on android, version CPH1609EX_11_A.19_171220 on an Oppo F3.

    It perhaps, is a flaw in the android system and requires rectification.

  4. I just did this it has deleted all my contacts from Google! I disabled the Google account from my android phone first, so I don’t know why it deleted my contacts from my Google account and not just my phone. How do I recover my contacts from my Google account?

  5. dear sir i have a collpad note3 lite phone android 5.1, the problem is my all contacts showing 3 to 4 copy some contact copy don’t have a contact number and also contact name mixing with some other name or surname

  6. Alright my story…


    (tip : delete your mismatch contact, it will restore to original one)

    Google account is really good way of backing up anything.
    I have similar issues…

    Actually in my contacts, every contact is visible
    (that is contacts from sim card , device, Samsung account, Google account…. And its on purpose because some contacts from here and there makes it complete info of one individual profile )

    Coming back to point… I had done few corrections in my Google contacts via pc.

    (I had backed up in .csv format )

    Later I removed my contacts from phone, later while sync in progress
    It started notifying me that “many numbers were deleted”, anyhow I sync and it was also deleting contacts from pc (that’s obvious).

    Later, I restored.
    Here Google account is perfect and OK with every contact I had..

    Now, I have sim card, Samsung account, device contents still to be corrected.

    I had corrected some.

    But still, I have one annoying contact profile, every time I correct it… It just changes back to a mismatch name for no reason, I can’t find that contact profile in my contact list as it shows everything is OK.
    I don’t have any clue about that.

  7. This works for me 5 minutes and then it scrambles again, I don’t know what is causing it. The actual google contact is fine.

    • Hi Andrew, its because some other application which is accessing your contact is making the problem. Try to reinstall those applications too (eg, viber, imo… etc….)

  8. Good stuff.. it still works fine with new Android OS as well. If you have a messed up contacts in contacts.google.com, u can manually correct it, take a backup and then follow the process suggested above..

  9. So my mother and my contacts are mixed together 😂 I read this and stoped when you get into setting and press Google. I see my account and my mother’s Google account on there. If I remove my mother’s account will it erase her contacts that are in my phone or will it erase on her phone too? Because I don’t want things to be removed on her phone, I just want it off of my phone. Thanks!

    • If you remove an account from a phone, it will remove the contact associated with that particular contact from that specific phone. You can use the same account on another mobile, so that the contacts associated will be synced to that mobile only.


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