Are you trying to change your default android contact storage location from phone to sim or from sim to phone, or even from sim or phone to google contacts in your Android Mobile? Sometimes you may find difficulty in finding the contacts storage option on the phone.

Most Android users are experiencing this issue now. They will not get an option in the setting to change the default location from one place to another. It is needed in some cases especially to clear contacts from a particular location Here I will explain how we can achieve this in a few clicks.

First of all, try to add a new contact in your mobile and while adding you can see the default storage location, just above the Contact Name field. It may be your Phone, SIM, or Gmail id sometimes. Try to click on it, if it’s clickable. If it is clickable, you are done. Just select the available locations and choose your new location. It’s done.

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But the above procedure will not work in most cases. So we will do some further procedures to make it possible. For this, go to your Phone settings, From the settings, find Applications (the name will change in different models, some times App Manager, Application Manages, Apps.. etc) which is the place where you can see all the installed application on your mobile.

In the Application list, Find Contacts(it also different in different models, Contacts, Contact Manager.. etc). Please note, it is not Contact Storage (Contact Storage is not we are looking for, so please don’t select it). Now Click on Contact/Contact Manager.

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After that, In Contact/Contact Manager, click on Clear Data. After that, close all and go back and select Contacts and try to add a new contact, now it will ask you to set the default location. Click on the desired location (SIM, Phone, Gmail, etc.) If you are not prompted to set the location, you can click on the current location in the new contact adding page and set the new location.

That’s it, you are done.

Note: Please take the backup of your contact first, before doing anything. It’s for precaution and if anything happens to your contact, you can restore it back.

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