mAadhaar – Manage your Aadhaar Details Using Mobile App

Are you looking for an app to download Aadhaar card and offline eKYC? If yes is your answer, then UIDAI has launched the secure and reliable mAadhaar app for both Android and iOS users. You can easily download your Aadhar card, show or scan OR code, offline eKYC, order a reprint, retrieve UID/EID, verify mail/email, update address, request for Address validation letter and also able to check the several online requests status easily without any problem. It is also possible to lock or unlock your biometric or Aadhar authentication. You can use the app for getting the OTP from the app directly. The OTP will be considered as a valid one only for 30 seconds.

To make your mAadhaar more secure, the UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) has launched some new features in its new version for the users. This multilingual app now supports 13 languages which include English and other regional languages – Urdu, Kannad, Hindi, Punjabi, Malayalam, Marathi, Tamil, Bengali, Tamil, and Assamese. For the better app experience, you need to delete the old version and go for the new version right now. It would be better for you to understand that third-party applications will not be supported by the UIDAI.

If you want to avail of personalized Aadhaar services, you need to register your Aadhaar profile by using the mAadhaar app. For using this app, you should register your phone number with the UIDAI. Once you are done with the process, you can download your Aadhaar details on the app that will keep your vital data such as the full name, birth, address, gender and photography on the phone.

The new version of mAadhaar has mainly two major sections – Aadhaar Services Dashboard and My Aadhaar Section which allow users to add their personalized profiles for any chosen Aadhaar user on the mAadhaar app. After the latest update, you would be able to share Aadhaar details with the other users without any hassle. You can get a new Aadhaar card from the app directly and check your Aadhaar authentication history.

As a user of the app, you can save 3 Aadhaar profiles in this app, but these should be registered with the same phone number only. I have tested most of the other features as well the app offers, including scanning of QR codes, reprint, change of address and download. I have not found any issues while using this app and done everything smoothly. The user interface is simple and easy to understand for the users.

I have personally appreciated and found all the new features of the mAadhaar app really helpful and secure for the users. With the new updated mAadhaar app, you can do many things smoothly without any wastage of time. The app interface is really user-friendly and you would not face any issues while using it for sure. You can also find the nearest Enrolment center wherever you stay.
If you haven’t installed the new version, then you should install it right now on your phone. Go for it now!

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