How to send WhatsApp Message Without Saving Mobile Number ?

WhatsApp is the most widely used messaging application all over the world now and currently all the communication is done through the WhatsApp itself. Facebook owned company is adding more and more feature to its service all the time that finds users more useful. Recently the company added WhatsApp stickers and now its rolled out to all the users. We recently added an article that explains how we can enable stickers on WhatsApp.

Here, we will check one of the previous feature and this one was not known to many people. So many people are asking me the question, whether is it possible to message to someone, whose number is not saved in our contact. Because, WhatsApp is using our phones contact to find our friends and family. It will sync the mobile numbers from our contact book and will show all the users who are using the WhatsApp.

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We can message anyone from our contact who is using WhatsApp, however it is not easy to message someone whose number is not saved on your contact. This option is useful in some case to message someone you don’t know for some specific reasons. Because, if in any case we save the number in order to message them, later they can see our profile photo, and also the status, hence it will affect the privacy.

So we can achieve it with a simple trick that WhatsApp officially allow us to do so. The feature is more useful in the case of adding WhatsApp contact link to website and social media pages. But we can use it for our special purpose too. in order to do so, please follow the below steps.

1. Open your browser on your mobile like Chrome, Firefox, Opera etc.

2. In the address bar type the following url, ‘’

In the above url, replace the word ‘number’ with the mobile number of the person whom you are trying to message. One thing noted that the number should be written with country code with out zeros and plus sign.

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Eg: if you are trying to message someone in India with number ‘9412345678’, then in the ‘number’ area you need to write ‘919412345678’ since 91 is the country code of India. In the save way if you are messaging to someone with UAE number then in the place of 91, you need to add 971 ie. ‘971xxxxxx’

3. Once you typed full url with the mobile number in the address bar of your browser, hit enter. Then the link will automatically open in your WhatsApp and will ask your permission to send message. Then you will be taken directly to the chat window of that particular number.

You can send messages to that number as like others too now, without saving the number and also without affecting your privacy. The chat will be available in your WhatsApp all the time, unless you delete it explicitly.

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