BSNL Aseem Plan has introduced years back as a Virtual BSNL Landline connection which lets users have a landline connection in their name at a very cheap price. This plan provides a BSNL landline number without any physical device or any wires. Those who opt for this plan need to pay an amount of Rs.99 or Rs. 199 (details has been added below) for a period of 6 months as a rent.

What is BSNL’s Aseem Plan ?

This plan was actually launched last year on the PAN India basis where users will get a virtual BSNL landline connection. With Aseem Plan BSNL users will get a landline number and all the incoming calls to that number will be forwarded to the mobile number of user’s choice. Note, you can receive only incoming calls, no outgoing calls can be made with this plan as it is just forwarding calls to one mobile number.

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There were no deposit or installation charges for this plan. Only rent was applicable and the charge was Rs.99 for forwarding the calls to a BSNL mobile numbers and Rs. 199 for other operators’ mobile numbers. The rent was yearly initially, later BSNL revised it for 6 months.

If you are an existing BSNL landline user or you had already disconnected your landline connection, you can get your old BSNL landline number back with the Assem Plan now.

How to get Virtual Landline number or old Landline number back with Aseem Plan ?

If you have a tricky question of how to convert BSNL landline to mobile, then Aseem plan is an option. It is not actually converting the landline to mobile. But creating a virtual redirection. The plan was launched in 2018, but most of the CSC in India were unaware of the plan and thus it went a long time for the implementation. Now almost all the telecom circle has implemented the plan and you can get it on a single visit to the customer care.

First, you need to visit the nearest customer service centre (CSC) and ask them for Aseem Plan. If you already have a BSNL landline number and it was disconnected, then ask them to give the new Plan Aseem with that landline number.

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They will check whether the number is still available or has been assigned to any other user. If the number is still free, they will allow the same number for you, but if the number is already assigned to someone, unfortunately, you will not get it back, in that case, you will get a new landline number.

If you are still having an active BSNL landline number and you wish to convert it to Plan Assem. The first thing you have to do is to ask the customer care executive to disconnect your landline connection. Once it is disconnected, you can ask the same number to be assigned for your Aseem Plan.

The second step is to provide details such as the name of the telephone exchange where old BSNL landline connection was provided, address proof, etc. They will ask you for the mobile number to which the landline calls to be forwarded.

If you are providing a BSNL mobile number, then you have to pay advance rent for the 6 months period. It is Rs.99 and including GST you need to pay a total amount of Rs. 117/-

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If you are looking to forward it to any other mobile network, the rent will be Rs. 199 for 6 months and including GST, the total amount will be Rs. 235/-

After 6 months, the subsequent bill with amount Rs. 117 or Rs. 235 will be sent to you either by email or post, every 6 months.

How long will take to get the connection active ?

Technically it can be done within one day or the same day. But most CSC will ask users to wait for 2, 3 days. In some cases, it will take 5 or 6 days. In our case, it took 1 week. The delay is due to the slow work or due to the workloads in the corresponding CSC.

We contacted the CSC couple of times regarding this and all the time, they asked us to wait for a few more days. Finally, after one week we got our old landline number restored and the calls being forwarded to one of the BSNL numbers.

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If you are applying for the connection, we recommend you to keep contacting them after 2,3 days regarding the activation, so that they will speed up the process. Once the connection is activated, you will get an SMS on the provided mobile number regarding the successful activation.

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