BSNL Wings Alternative ? Can We Find a Better One?

BSNL Wings is now familiar to most of us. We can see that the official BSNL Wings app is outdated, and the company hasn’t updated the same for the past two years.

Because of the update and the existing bugs, users are looking for a BSNL Wings Alternative. Firstly, we would like to say that when we consider the BSNL Wings service, there are no such alternatives because BSNL Wings is the only official VoIP telecom service available.

But when we consider the application for BSNL Wings, we have a few alternatives that perform well, even much better than the official App.

As said before, BSNL Wings is the first and only VoIP service in the country, and no other telecom service providers are offering the same. However, telecom companies like Jio, Airtel are offering VoWiFi service, which is different from VoIP. So an alternative for BSNL Wings service is not possible currently as it is a unique service.

When looking for the BSNL Wings app, we have the 3 best options as follows.

GreandStream App

Initially, before launching the official BSNL Wings app, the company itself recommended Greandstream as the option to use. The App is free, and you can enjoy the BSNL Wings service without any Issue with Grandstream App.

The App’s interface is a bit outdated old looking. However, when comparing its quality, we can neglect it to some extend. You can download it from PlayStore or App Store.


Zoiper is yet another third-party service that we can use for BSNL Wings. Zoiper offers better quality and for calls over VoIP. Configuring Wings on Zoiper needs some additional steps. You can follow the guide to see how to do the Zoiper configuration.

Zoiper offers free and paid AppApp for using BSNL Wings, and the free version is enough. You can download Zoiper from PlayStore or App Store

Grandstream IP Phone

Grandstream is one of the biggest brands in the VoIP telephone market, and this option for BSNLWings is our favorite. If you wish to use BSNL Wings as a Landline phone at your home or office, then Grandstream is the best choice.

After using more than 4 months, we can say that the connectivity is excellent, and it performs much better than the Mobile-based apps. The voice quality with the Grandstream IP Phone is also perfect as it offers HD quality.

You can get it from Amazon if you wish to set up a landline connection using BSNL Wings.

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