BSNL launched the first VoIP service in the country last year. But the service was not going so well. Since it was one of the first kind in the country, people are excited about the launch. But it doesnโ€™t reach its expectation. Since the launch, BSNL is still receiving a large number of complaints regarding the service.

Last month BSNL launched the official mobile application to use the VoIP service. But this also went wrong. The application was officially launched with many bugs, and still, BSNL doesnโ€™t manage to fix it. We also noted many people are posting their complaints in the Google Play store comment section.

The lack of exact directions and support made things more complex in the case of Wings. However, we also faced some issues and fixed them to some extent. So here we are providing some tips, suggestions, and solutions for some issues. The following finding is from our experience.

1 – How long will take to get a BSNL Wings connection?

BSNL wings connection can be booked online from the official website. Once you register and pay the one-time registration fee, the service will be activated within 30 minutes. You will get a notification via email and SMS.

2 – Is the service is free ?

As a promotion, BSNL is offering free unlimited calls all over India for a period of 1 year. After that, there may or may not be charges (it is not yet announced).

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3 – Can i sent SMS ?

Wings is a VoIP-based calling service in which you cannot send or receive SMS. However, the SMS facility between Wings number is now available.

4 – Is mobile data is available ?

You will not get any data benefits with Wings connection. It is only a call-based service.

5 – Can i get incoming calls with Wings ?

Yes, you will get incoming calls to your Wings number. Any user can call on your wings number as a normal mobile number.

6 – Can Wings connection can be used on both Wifi and Mobile data ?

You can use the Wings service on any mobile data and Wifi network in India.

7 – Which mobile application works best for Wings connection ?

To make and receive calls, any SIP based application can be used. But, as per the official recommendation, Grandstream is the best option.

8 – What is the customer care number of the Wings ?

BSNL provides the option to call toll-free number 1500 for all queries. But, don’t call on that number since the customer care executives available on that number are not trained to support Wings. Instead, the best option is to log in to the NGN website and log a complaint there. Then, the support team will either reply or call you back on the registered mobile number (not wings).

9 – Is the NGN complaint section solves my problem ?

Yes, the support team available there is dedicated to Wings and PRBT services to understand the issue better and help you.

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10 – Is international Roaming available in Wings ?

Yes, International roaming and ISD facility is available with BSNL Wings, for this you need to pay an amount of Rs. 2000/- which is refundable. The International Roaming is not working in some countries (the list of countries is not available yet).

11 – I paid Rs. 2000/- for ISD/International Roaming activation, but it is not working. Why ?

Even though you made the payment online, the activation needs document verification. After payment, you need to go to the nearest Customer Service Center and activate the ISD/IR service.

12 – What is the call charges for International Roaming ?

While in the international roaming, all the calls to India can be made at Rs. 1.2 per minute, and all the incoming calls will be free of charge.

13 – Why the official BSNL Wings application is not getting registered ?

The official Wings application is still buggy with a lot of issues. BSNL also officially suggests using Grandstream for using Wings service. However, we recommend using Zoiper which is more stable than Grandstream. So we also recommend avoiding using official applications until the bugs are getting fixed.

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14 – Why the Wings is not get registered on home Wifi ?

BSNL has not whitelisted all the IPโ€™s in India. Some IP range is still blocked from using the service. If you are not able to use the service on your home Wifi. Then log your complaint in the NGN portal mentioning the issue along with the public IP of your home wifi (static/dynamic). So that they will whitelist that IP range also.

16 – What is BSNL Wings Customer Care Number?

BSNL Wings customer care number is 1500, which is the default customer care number for Landline connection>. You can also log a complaint as a ticket in the NGN Portal too.

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15 – Gow to Deactivate BSNL Wings Connection?

It should be noted that the activation can be done online. However, deactivation can only be done offline. For this, you need to go to the nearest customer service center and need to submit a cancellation request there.

If you have any questions other than the above, please add them in the comment section below. We will include it in the article.

You can also check how you can configure BSNL Wing on the Zoiper application by checking the post in detail.

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