What is BSNL Wings and How Much it Cost to get a New Connection ?

Last July, BSNL introduced the first VoIP service in India named Wings. This is the first virtual mobile number service that is available in India for the Public. The service was then officially launched in August, and the registration was open from then. However, initially, the public roll-out was a bit slow, and many of the registered users received the connection activated few weeks and even months.

Now, it is almost 6 months, and BSNL has simplified the process, and you can get your BSNL Wings connection activated in 30 minutes. Once the service has been activated, you can make and receive calls to and from any number in India. Moreover, all the calls will be completely free for 1 year.

What is BSNL Wings ?

Wings is the first VoIP based calling service by a telecom operator in India. This is a virtual mobile connection where subscribers will not have any physical SIM card or any device provided. The service is completely App-based and works on data. It only uses data, either wifi or mobile data, and hence subscribers will be provided with a virtual mobile number and login details.

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Users have to download any SIP-based calling application from Play Store or App Store to use the Wings connection. Once the application is downloaded, users can configure the service by providing the login details received from BSNL for their Wings number. Once configured, users can make and receive calls using the application. We will explain in detail in the next article the configuration of the SIP application for Wings.

The main advantage of the Wings number is that users can make and receive calls from any place where the internet is available. It will work in those places where the mobile network is unavailable. Also, users can install the application on multiple devices like android mobile, iPhone or desktop, or laptop. But before planning to take the connection you need to check all its pros and cons.

How much BSNL Wings cost ?

BSNL launched the service with a promotional offer. For a period of 1 year, there will be no monthly charge for the service; however, a user needs to pay Rs. 1,099/- plus GST, which together cost a total of Rs. 1297/- as a one-time activation charge. For a period of 1 year, all the calls within India will be free.

How much i have to pay after 1 Year ?

First, I need to tell you that BSNL Wings is a postpaid service, and there will be some monthly or yearly charge after one year. BSNL not yet announced the cost of the service after that. However, we are not expecting some high amount of monthly bill with this. After the entry of Jio, all the telecom companies are doing their best to provide good offers to their customers at low prices. If BSNL keeps the service at a high amount, it will not do any good to them. So we are expecting some good offers with Wings too after one year.

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What are the advantages of BSNL Wings ?

  1. The main advantage of the service is that it does not require a mobile network. It will work in those places where mobile network signal is not available and having an internet connection is available, either Wifi or mobile data from any network.
  2. Another advantage of the service is that, since there is no physical SIM card, you can use the same number on 2 mobiles, whereas a normal SIM needs to swap the devices.
  3. Since it is app-based, you can use it in different places simultaneously, either in Delhi, Kerala, Mumbai anywhere. Note: simultaneous calling is not possible with this. If there is an ongoing call happening on one device, the second device needs to wait until the first device is finished.
  4. It will be good for NRI’s where the International Roaming service let user to make call to India from other countries at Rs. 1.2 per minute. To get the IR and ISD service activated, users need to pay a security deposit of Rs. 2000.

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Disadvantage of BSNL Wings

  1. The main disadvantage of the service is the poor customer support. If you call the CSC for help, they only have the basic details such as ‘What are WINGS and how it works, etc.’ For all the queries, they will ask you to visit the local customer care center.
  2. It requires internet connection either WiFi or mobile data. If you have a WiFi connection, then there is no issue in paying Rs. 1297 for one year for Wings service. If you are using mobile data from any other provider, there is no logic in paying Rs. 1297 for one year. Since with Wings, you are getting only Calls, no data, and SMS. Nowadays, most of the operators are providing annual plans at Rs. 1400 to Rs 1700 with unlimited calls, SMS, and data.

Also check how you can configure BSNL Wings using Zoiper application for better and relable usage.

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