Few Things to Consider before taking BSNL Wings Virtual Mobile Number

BSNL Wings which was launched one year back and was one of its first kind in the Indian telecom sector. This service provides the users to have a sim less virtual mobile connection that can be used anywhere in the country. Until its launch in 2018 VoIP based calling service was not allowed in India. Later, BSNL got the permission to launch the first VoIP based calling service in India.

As we explained in our previous article explaining what is BSNL Wings and how to get the connection, it is an app based calling service available in the country which works on both Wifi and Mobile data. There is no physical SIM card and device in this service. User can use it on any mobile with the help of any SIP based application or BSNL’s own official Wings Mobile application.

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Benefits of BSNL Wings

  • It is a SIM less connection and completely based on application. So you can use it on any smartphone along with your normal SIM numbers. If you are using a dual SIM phone, then Wings can be used as a 3rd number on the same phone.
  • It works on both Wifi and Mobile data of any operator.
  • Can be used on more than one mobile at a time (incoming call can be received on any one device at a time)
  • It can be used on desktop or laptop also
  • You will get a virtual mobile number instantly after registration, no need to go to any retail shop or customer service center. All the process can be done online.
  • Complete free one year calling within India for the first year as a promotion, but a one time deposit of Rs. 1099/- is needed. Including GST, it is Rs. 1297/-
  • World’s cheapest International Roaming charge which let you to make calls to India from International Destination at a rate of Rs. 1.2 per minute. All the incoming calls while in International roaming are free.

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If you are planning to take the new BSNL Wings connection, you need to consider the following facts before that. Then only decide to take it for you or not. For the review, we took a new connection and here the points are based on our experience with that.

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  • You are paying Rs. 1297 for one year and getting one year free outgoing and incoming calls within India. But you will not get any data benefit or SMS with this.
  • Today, all the operators including BSNL providing annual plans with unlimited calls, sms and data at rate between Rs. 1400 to Rs 2000 on prepaid connection. So it doesn’t make sense in buying wings for only calls.
  • If you use mobile data, then in most case you are getting free calls also, then Wings will be of no use for you.
  • If you are living in a remote area where mobile network is weak or not available but you have access to wifi connection, then you can go for Wings.
  • BSNL recently introduced their own mobile application for the service, but unfortunately the application is buggy. It crashes each time and went offline frequently. We hope it will become stable soon.
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  • It is designed to work in both wifi and mobile data. We tested it on Jio and Idea mobile data and it is working fine. But with our Wifi network, it is not working. In some wifi connection, if your router is giving you a different WAN IP than that of the public IP, then also it cause problem in connection.
  • It is completely free for the 1st year, but BSNL not mentioned about the plan after that. But you need to keep in mind that BSNL Wings is a postpaid connection and the corresponding bills will reach you over email after one year.
  • It is mentioned as the World’s cheapest International roaming service provider. But unfortunately the IR service is not working in all the location as like BSNL says. To get International Roaming and ISD service on your wings number, you need to deposit an amount of Rs. 2000 (refundable).
    The unfortunate thing happened to us is that, as we called the customer care number, they told us that, it is working in all the location, and hence we did the IR/ISD activation. But the registration doesn’t happened. Next we opened the ticket mentioning the issue, we got the response that, it is not working in some countries including the one we are testing. We are directed to demand for the refund of Rs. 2000.
  • The refund amount of Rs. 2000 can be collected only from the nearest customer care office.
  • If you are using Wings connection, we prefer to contact the support team via ticket, from the NGN portal, as they are the only person know something about the service. Don’t call the customer care number (1500 or 1503) as they are not giving correct answers.
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  • If you are planning to take the connection to make calls from International location using the IR service, check with them the country you are looking for is available with their service.

Note: If you have any question regarding this, please mention that in the comment section below. We will provide answers for that.

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28 thoughts on “Few Things to Consider before taking BSNL Wings Virtual Mobile Number”

    • Wings is not working in all the international locations. Please check with the customer care, if it works in the location, all the incoming calls will be free whereas outgoing call will be charged at Rs. 1.2

  1. I am using wings in UAE for past 1 year and 3 month now (configured in GS Wave app).
    wings won’t work in UAE without using a VPN. so i am using ExpressVPN (paid 99$ for 15 month) and connecting to Indian server.
    i am making daily calls to my family and so far not face any issue.

    first one year is completely free, second year i paid fixed annual charges Rs.1296.
    only 1800 minutes are free (worth Rs.550), beyond they will charge 30p/minuts.
    i got December bill and bill due amount is Rs.177

  2. I am an existing subscriber of BSNL Wings, I am able to use this connection on GS Wave apps on Android.
    Few questionsL
    1) Can we configure Messaging service, if you which apps does support messaging service?

    2) Connection status in GS Wave apps shows offline frequently.
    Is there any configuration setting to keep service always online, I tried my best but I was unsuccessful.

  3. International Roaming is not activated for the Wings number. When asked they asked me to pay deposit, how to pay it?

    • Yes, you need to pay a deposit of Rs. 2000/- It can be paid online via the same website where u applied for the connection. Continue with the same mobile number and pin code you will see the current wings connection details there in the dashboard. There you can pay the ISD deposit amount.

      • I am using WINGS for more than one year. And i haven’t paid 2000 deposit. 2000 deposit is required if customer wish to call the local numbers users wings. But i am using WINGS only to call Indian numbers.

        • 2000 deposit is for ISD and International Roaming activation and usage. It is only needed of you wish to call numbers outside India or you wish to use your Wings number abroad. If you are living in India and only calling Indian numbers. No need for 2000 deposit.

  4. I have applied for a new BSNL Wings Connection but haven’t received the pin. Could you kindly help.

    Registration Date – 05/Jul7/2020 11:27:53 am

  5. Hi Mr. Vipin
    I am using wings with Gswave app from past 2 years. Now i am getting registeredfail to SIP.
    what does it mean. what to do now

  6. Hi Vipin, I am facing two issues and it will be helpful if you can share your experience. I got the wings number activated last week but i dont get any incoming calls. Do i need to wait or change any setting ?
    Also on vpn using Indian IP, all the SIP apps fail to register. Is there anything specific I need to change,?

  7. Hi Vipin

    Off late BSNL Wings is not working on Jio and my home wifi. How do register ticket on NGN portal. I am not able to see an option for the same. Please guide.

    • Hi Krishnendu,

      Unfortunately, they removed the ticket option from the website. Now you need to contact any nearest customer service center to resolve your issue.


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