How to Deactivate International Roaming and ISD on BSNL Wings Number

The International Roaming and ISD facility on BSNL Wings can be deactivated or canceled by visiting the nearest customer care and the refund amount of Rs. 2000 will be issued. Before going into detail, let us see about BSNl Wings.

BSNL Wings is an internet-based calling service launched by the state-owned telecom company BSNL. The service provides an app-based SIM-less calling service that working completely with the internet. There is no need for a mobile network or a SIM card. The get the service, users can either go to the nearest BSNL customer care or do it online by paying a one-time registration fee of Rs. 1099/-

BSNL Wings provides unlimited voice calls for one year to any network within India. Later, International Roaming and ISD service were also added to the platform. Unlike other telecom companies in the country, BSNL Wings offers the cheapest International Roaming tariff with its free incoming calls while in International Roaming and the outgoing rate of Rs. 1.2 per minute.

Is the International Roaming and ISD Facility Pre-activated on BSNL Wings?

International Roaming and ISD service are not available on BSNL Wings at the time of registration. The service is optional. You can choose them at the time of registration or activate them at any time if you need them. For that, there is a refundable security deposit of Rs. 2000 to be made, and the service will be activated.

But, the main problem with the BSNL Wings is that the International Roaming is not working properly in many locations. Many Indians living in the Middle East countries such as UAE, Saudi owns BSNL Wings number to make cheap calls to India. But unfortunately, BSNL Wings is not working in UAE, Saudi, etc., due to the local rules. BSNL never mentioned this on their website, and many expats unknowingly activated International Roaming and wasted Rs. 2000.

But, don’t worry, since it is a refundable amount, the deposit of Rs. 2000 will be credited back to you once you cancel the International Roaming or ISD facility on your BSNL Wings number. But, for this, you need to go to any BSNL customer care and submit a cancelation form. It could not be done online even if you activated it online.

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How to Cancel International Roaming and ISD on BSNL Wings Number

The IR and ISD service can be deactivated by visiting the nearest customer care center. The following are the procedures to get the service canceled and to claim the refund.

  1. User needs to visit the nearest customer care center and to ask them to deactivate the ISD/IR on your BSNL Wings Number.
  2. You need to write a simple application on a white paper mentioning your deactivation request and to issue a refund.
  3. If you activated the Wings Number by visiting customer care before, they will instantly deactivate the service and issue the refund amount.
  4. If you did the activation online, then you need to do some additional steps. The deactivation will be done instantly, but you need to submit another form to issue a refund. Since the activation is made online using the online payment, the refund will be issued directly to the bank account.
  5. User needs to fill a refund form in which all the details, including mobile number, bank details, customer details, etc. to be filled correctly.
  6. Also, you need to attach a copy of the front page of the passbook. This should be the same account that is provided in the refund form. In this account, the amount will be credited. Other than the passbook, a copy of the canceled check also can be provided to verify the account holder.
  7. After doing this, the IR/ISD service will be deactivated and the refund will be issued.

How long will take the refund amount to credit in the Account?

Currently, BSNL customer care members also cannot say any time frame for this. Once we approached them with the same requirement, what they told me was due to the pending works, it may take some time and will be credited later. They also mentioned that, don’t expect it will happen soon. So we are also waiting for that to happen. And we will update you with the time frame that took in our case here.

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10 thoughts on “How to Deactivate International Roaming and ISD on BSNL Wings Number”

  1. I register online Wings international roaming service.. and paid rs 1099 but not working yet..
    And coming monthly bills 2000..
    NowI want to cancel this Wings international roaming number..
    Iam not in India..
    Can I cancel online ?

    • Cancellation can only be done offline. You need to visit any BSNL customer care and needs to submit the application directly there. You also need to provide a copy of your Bank Passbook in order to receive the refund amount of International roaming.

  2. Hi ,
    Im in Qatar and activated BSNL wings recently. I tried to use bsnl app first but since it is not working , i used grandstream waves and zoiper. but it was showing red light. Now i turned the roaming on by activating the outbond proxy.I tried to call indian numbers and it is saying that this facility is not available for me. Is it because I havent paid 2000/- as a IR deposit…? If i deposit this amount , will it work in Qatar where i live now..?
    Awaiting your favaourable response,

    • Hi Rajesh,

      Yes, to use it from an international location you need to activate IR by paying an amount of Rs. 2000. You can pay it by online itself. Simply changing the outbound proxy will not make it work. Also please note that if there is any restriction/blocking in using VoIP service in your current residing country (international location) then BSNL Wings also may not work. The service is based on VoIP like Skype and WhatsApp.

      So what I can suggest is to contact any BSNL customer care in India via phone before activating IR.


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