Mobile Number Portability (MNP) In India – Choose Best Network to Switch you Provider

Since the competition the telecom sector is going on at a high level, users from each network are switching their service providers from time to time. With the entry of Reliance Jio, India had witnessed a massive move from the mobile users in India in order to switch their connection.

In the last month, as per TRAI’s report, Reliance Jio added 7 million subscribers to their network, as new connections, and by MNP. On the other side, the merged entity Vodafone Idea lost 6 million customers. Airtel managed to keep their subscribers margin without much change.

What is Mobile Number Portability (MNP)

Mobile Number Portability (MNP) is a service offered by the telecom service providers by which users can switch their service provider without changing their mobile number. Before the introduction, if a user wishes to switch one provider then they have to buy a new SIM card from another provider. This will cause users to have multiple numbers. To avoid this issue, MNP was introduced and as a result, if a user was not happy with the service offered by the current operator, then they can easily switch to a new operator.

To switch an operator, the following conditions to be satisfied.

  1. The number should be with the current operator for at least 90 days. Users can switch to another provider any number of times, but they need to stay on the network at least 90 days. Once switched to a new network, again MNP can be done only after the next 90 days.
  2. User needs to complete all the dues with their current operator, in case it is a Postpaid connection. For prepaid connection, it is not applicable

Process in Mobile Number Portability

Once you selected the best network, that fits you, you need to send one SMS from your mobile. The format for the SMS as follows to the number 1900

Once done that, you will get a UPC (Unique Porting Code). Note that code and take it to your nearest customer care center or any retail franchise of your new operator. Then inform them that you are switching your number to that network. The executive (or the person in the outlet) will ask you for the required address proof, y, ur mobile number, and the UPC.

Once the process is done, they will provide you with the new SIM card of the new operator. After 3 to 5 working days, your existing SIM card (current operator) will stop working and the new SIM card (new operator) will be automatically activated. Then your number will be with new operator now. You will get all the updates regarding the switching date and time to your old number before the process gets completed.

Once you are with the new operator, you can choose any of the plans that suit you and continue using the service with a new operator.

Choosing Best Mobile Network in India

Choosing the best network is sometimes a challenging thing, but it can vary from each user and in case of operators too, there are pros and cons. So, depends on the requirement, choose an operator that best fits you.

Currently, in India, there are 4 operators available that include Vodafone Idea, Reliance Jio, Airtel and BSNL. A few months back, there were other operators such as Tata Docomo, Aircel, Uninor, Idea, and Vodafone were also available, but with the entry of Jio, most of them are merged with the main players and now we have mainly 4 operators. So let us see, which operators to be selected for MNP.

Vodafone Idea

The two main mobile service provider, Vodafone, and Idea merged together and formed the new entity. Currently, both of them stand as separate services and MNP is possible in both networks. Users can either choose Idea or Vodafone to switch their connection. But in the near future, both network will be completely merged together and doesn’t make any difference. Coming to the network, both Vodafone and Idea together form a good network both in urban and rural areas.

So, in the case of coverage, the Vodafone Idea will be one of the biggest and consistent networks when all the merge process is completed. However, the rates are not very competitive when compared to Jio and other networks.

Reliance Jio

Jio brings the best 4G network in the country. It is a 4G only network and hence, users with a normal 2G or 3G cannot use Jio since it requires a 4G VoLTE handset for the full experience and a partial service being provided with normal 4G devices. The plans available with Jio is the best available in the market. They have truly unlimited voice calls with all the plans and provides best data offer along with all the plans.

However, Jio’s coverage still lags behind other networks, If the network is good, then you can enjoy good internet speed, whereas, with a poor network, the speed is considerably low. In rural areas, the coverage is not so good.


Airtel provides the best and consistent network. Their support team is also very good which is far better than any other service providers. The plans available with Airtel are decent enough, but not as competitive with Reliance Jio. The network coverage is strong in urban areas, whereas in the rural area, Airtel still has only average coverage.


The state-owned BSNL provides best and competitive plans as like Jio. The offers best data offers with a cheap price tag. They also have strong network support both in rural and urban areas. But BSNL still doesn’t have full 4G coverage. They are providing 4G in some parts of south India, but still in beta stage. Also, the support team with BSNL is not so good when compared to other private providers.

So, as we mentioned above, each and every provider have their own pros and cons. But one needs to choose the best operator as per their needs. For some, it is based on plans, whereas for others it’s the matter of coverage. For some others it’s is the support. So it may vary and choose the best one that fits you.

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  1. My Docomo sim has been shut down in the middle of the day. Now, what can I do?
    All their service centers are closed too..!!
    That was my main number.

    • Tata Docomo service is not closed yet completely. The telecom is merging with Airtel. Try to call their own customer care. If not working, try with Airtel and ask them a solution.


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