Earlier, we shared many details about the BSNL Wings connections and how the new VoIP service is unique from other services like VoWiFi. However, due to the lack of regular maintenance and other factors, the service from BSNL went wrong.

BSNL Wings started two years ago as the country’s first VoIP service; however, BSNL failed to maintain it further. The official mobile application of BSNL Wings is buggy and has not been updated for more than five years (Last updated in march 2019). In recent times, the service has shown some instability, as many people are complaining that the connection is not getting registered while using SIP applications like GS Wave and Zoiper.

Paying around Rs. 1200 per year for the service is not suitable for the time, and we also decided to deactivate the service. So here we are, telling you the steps involved in canceling the BSNL Wings connection.

BSNL Wings can be activated and registered online and offline. However, deactivation can only be done from the customer service center. To cancel the BSNL Wings connection, you must visit the nearest BSNL Customer Service Center (CSC) and apply it by hand.

The following are the steps to deactivate BSNL Wings Connection.

Step 1: Visit any BSNL CSC and tell them you must cancel BSNL Wings.

Step 2: You will be provided with a service cancellation application form.

Step 3: Complete the application by providing details such as Name, Address, BSNL wings number, and other information.

Step 4: Once filled, apply to the CSC officer. The application submission is now complete.

Step 5: Once you apply, they will process it in the coming 2 to 3 days, depending on the workload of that particular CSC.

If your connection is not canceled in a week, make a follow-up with the CSC over the phone and remind them the same.

One more thing to note here: If you already activated the International Roaming facility on your BSNL Wings number, you are eligible for a refund of Rs. 2000. You need to submit another application for a refund along with the service cancellation request to get the refund.

Before submitting the cancellation form, inform them about the refund. You will be provided with a refund claim application. Fill out the form with all the details, including the Bank account Details. BSNL provides the reimbursement as a direct Bank Transfer. So you need to provide details of one bank account in your name.

Please complete the Bank Account details and provide a copy of the Passport’s first page. They need the copy since they are taking it as proof of your Bank Account.

Finally, submit the refund claim form along with the cancellation form. It is to be noted that the refund process will not be initiated quickly. Once we checked with BSNL, we found that since the Company is not in good financial condition, they have been holding all the refund processes for the past few months.

All the pending refunds will be settled later only. So, we cannot tell precisely when your BSNL Wings refund will be processed.

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