How Much Needs to Pay for DTH and Cable With TRAI’s new Rule For DTH and Cable TV

TRAI’s recently introduced new rule for DTH and Cable TV made confusion to the customers all over the country. Some reports says that the new rule will bring down the monthly subscription cost, where as some says the price will go up.

But keeping in fact about the new regulation, we can say that the price of the dth and cable tv subscription after December 29th 2018 will be higher for some users where as it will be lower for some group of people.

Few days back we explained clearly, what is the new rule introduced by TRAI for DTH and Cable TV. But still now, people have the doubt, whether their subscription will go higher or it will be cheaper. Here we will check those in detail.

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Will the Price Go Higher or gets Lower ?

For this question, we can say that, for some users the price will go higher whereas for some users it will be cheaper. For example, if you are a user currently subscribed to the higher package in your dth or cable tv with almost all the channels. In that case you may be paying Rs. 400 to Rs. 600 per month. But as per the new rule, you need to pay separately for each channel. So, getting all those channel that you previously watched may cost you Rs. 800 or more.

In the second case, if you are a user who watches too few channels. In that case may be you are subscribed currently for a package cost Rs. 250 or Rs. 300. So here, as per the new rule, you are choosing only few selected channel, then the price will go down to Rs. 200 r less.

If you are watching only free channels, then you only needs to pay the basic rate of Rs. 130 for 100 free to air channels.

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How the Price is calculated ?

Here we will consider an example, if you are a subscriber you wish to watch following channels. Let say the channels as below and the MRP of each channel also mentioned with each of them.

  1. The History Channel SD – Rs. 4
  2. Movies Now HD – Rs. 15
  3. Times Now SD – rs. 5
  4. Travel XP HD – Rs. 9
  5. Discovery Channel SD – Rs. 4
  6. The Disney Channel SD – Rs. 8
  7. Living Foodz HD – Rs. 10
  8. NDTV 24*7 SD – Rs. 3
  9. National Geographic Channel SD – Rs. 2
  10. AXN SD – Rs. 5
  11. SONY ESPN SD – Rs. 5
  12. Star Sports 3 SD – Rs. 4

Here, the pricing will be calculated like this.
Each user have to pay a basic amount of Rs. 130 plus tax. This included at least 100 free to air channels. Then an additional amount of the above selected channels.

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So Rs. 130 (plus tax) + 4 + 15 + 5 + 9 + 4 + 8 + 10 + 3 +2 + 5 + 5 + 4 = Rs. 204 + tax

So as per TRAI’s new rule, if you are selecting only few channels, then the amount will be lesser than the existing price, whereas, in the case of viewing almost all the channels, frequently, the pricing will be much higher.

Update (27-12-18): Yesterday in a new statement, TRAI says that all the existing channels of every users should be available to them with their package after December 29th too. You can find the full details here.

Update (29-12-18): Now TRAI made a statement saying that all the channels will be available till January 31 and user will have to move to new plan before that.

Update (01-02-19): All the paid channels from the current package will not be available from January 7th onwards as per the latest amendment.

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