After a long wait and the continuous beta testing, Reliance Jio Giga Fiber is all set to launch the service on August 12th, 2019. The final date is not yet announced officially, however, the service might be launched in the Reliance Annual Meet. Reliance has been testing the service for a long time and was available as a part of beta testing for some customers in selected cities.

Now, it is expected to be rolled out to the public by the next coming week. Looking into the features and services offered by Jio Giga Fiber, as we explained in the previous article, Reliance is providing a combo service with one single connection here. User will get Landline, Broadband, DTH together with a single Jio Giga Fiber connection and it all cost on Rs. 600/-

During the beta testing time, Reliance was providing the service without any subscription and was completely free. Now, after the public launch, users need to pay Rs. 600/- per month, however with a competitive price, the company is providing all the service within one subscription.

Reliance Jio Giga Fiber at Rs. 600/- per month

The monthly subscription to Reliance Jio Giga Fiber is Rs. 600/- and at this price, the user will get Broadband with 100Mbps speed, Land Phone connection, and Home DTH connection. All the service is being provided through the Internet connection. The DTH service can be enjoyed with an additional device which will provide the live TV channels on the big screen through the internet known as IPTV.

The landline connection also being served through the internet through the VoIP protocol service. Users can enjoy unlimited voice calls with the landline connection too.

Initial setup of Jio Giga Fiber will cost Rs. 2,500/- as a security deposit which will be refunded back once user cancels the connection. Initially, the charge was Rs. 4,000 and later reduced to Rs. 2,500. The initial setup cost will be changed as a security deposit and users will get the Jio Giga Fiber router completely free with each connection.

Jio Giga Fiber Launch Date

Till now, the official launch date is not yet announced. However, it is expected that the commercial launch of the service will be announced on the Reliance Annual Meet which is going to happen on August 12th. From the past, Reliance is making a big announcement during their Annual Meet and this time too, they will make it happen. And for this time, it will be Giga Fiber. Since the service is being under beta testing for a long time, Other Broadband and DTH providers are now providing better and cheap plans ahead of Jio’s commercial launch.

Now considering the competition, the company is already late and hence Jio will make any delay in the launch. So, we can wait till August 12th for the official launch of the service.

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