TRAI’s new rule on DTH and Cable TV made mixed confusion all over the country regarding the implementation. It was earlier announced that by December 29th all the cable tv and dth users will be switched to new plan. This made the concern with viewers that, their current plan will not work after 28th December, some report said that, the service will be stopped after December 29th etc.

Now, TRAI came with a new direction. As per the new direction, all the users will get their current channels and package till January 31st. All the users will now get time till January 31st to migrate to new plan and to choose the channels.

The migration process is now extended to 34 days, ie January 31st and all the existing channels will not be removed or blocked from your package till that date. TRAI also mentioned that, if users failed to do the migration within January 31st, then the paid channels in subscribers package will be discontinued.

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Why the amendment to the new rule ?

We last day mentioned in our article that, TRAI’s new rule for DTH and Cable TV was not a new regulation. It was notified earlier in 2017. The deadline for the new system was set to 28th December 2018, but all the Cable TV and DTH providers where slow in the implementation and also, they failed to inform their subscribers about the new change on time.

All these caused confusion to the users and to the providers. Many feared that, the channels will be stopped with the implementation of new system, some thought the price will go up. Because of the high price of some channels, the overall price of the subscription will go high for some users, where as for some normal users it will be less now. If you are still not too clear about the pricing calculation, you can check it here.

What is new rule for DTH and Cable TV all about ?

TRAI’s new rule for Cable TV and DTH was make the subscription more transparent. The new implementation will give the users the complete freedom. Now, each viewer can decide, what they should watch and what they don’t.

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The new system will trash all the existing package based subscription system. Now user will have the power to choose only those channels they like and pay for them individually. You can get the full details here.

What is Next ?

Earlier, TRAI stated that, all the existing package based subscription should be stopped by December 28th 2018 and from 29th onwards, new per channel based system should be implemented.

Later, TRAI also, provided direction to the providers saying that, no channels should be stopped or discontinued after December 28th even if users didn’t choose the new plan. TRAI made it clear that, all the channels a user is watching now, should be available to them after December 29th too.

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Now, it is made more transparent. TRAI now given a 34 days extension for the implementation of new system. So by January 31st all the DTH and Cable TV providers should ensure that, all the users being migrated to the new system by the final deadline of January 31st. Any users failing to do will not get any paid channels from their package from February 7 onwards.

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