How to Activate BSNL 4G SIM – Steps to Upgrade

BSNL 4G service is now gradually rolling out in various parts of the country. However, customers are still unknown about how to Activate BSNL 4G on their number. Therefore, the state-run telecom firm is issuing 4G SIM cards, and customers can activate BSNL 4G SIM by SMS from their existing 2G or 3G BSNL SIM.

The steps in 4G SIM activation are completely SMS-based activation. The 4G was first tested at the Idukki district in Kerala. However, because of the delay in issuing the license for the commercial operation, the telecom company went back into the 4G network.

Now, BSNL is officially on its way to launching the service in all circles. However, the date is not yet announced. But what BSNL is doing now is launching the 4G network in each place for testing. So, we are getting a 4G network in multiple places in Kerala. As per the reports, the company will launch it officially soon.

Before the official PAN India launch, BSNL provides 4G SIM cards to its users. The company started to issue 4G SIM cards in Kerala, Gujarat, Karnataka circle, etc. To use the 4G service, customers need to upgrade their existing 2G/3G sim card to the new 4G sim. Unlike the other operator, BSNL didn’t previously provide their customers with 4 G-enabled SIM cards. Hence, customers need to upgrade their SIM with a new 4G SIM.

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How to get BSNL 4G SIM

To get the new BSNL 4G SIM, visit the nearest Customer Care Center and pay Rs. 50 or can get a sim card free from BSNL Mela. Now, BSNL is conducting Mela in different places, and you can grab your free SIM from there. But, before doing this, you should know that the new 4G SIM will not work for International Roaming. So, if you are using your number for IR service, , please check the issues that BSNL 4G have with it.

Steps to Activate BSNL 4G SIM

If you got the sim card, you could complete the BSNL 4G SIM Upgrade process in less than 5 minutes. Follow the below steps to upgrade your BSNL sim card.

Step 1: First, note down the 19-digit SIM number printed on your new SIM card.

Step 2: Then, from your BSNL number (the one you will upgrade), send an SMS to 53734 in the following format.

RE4G < space > last 6 digits of the new 4G sim card < space > KL

For example, RE4G 123456 KL, where the final 2 characters KL is for Kerala circle, replace it with your circle code, TN for Tamil Nadu, UP for Uttar Pradesh, etc.

Once you send the message, a confirmation SMS will be received in the below format.

“Dear Customer. This connection will stop working within 15 mins of SMS RE4G < space > YES to 53734. Please send ‘YES’ only if you have received a new SIM card:8991876890123456789, and it is with you.”

The number “8991876890123456789” is a sample only, and what you need to do is verify the SIM number you received in the SMS is the same as that of the one printed on the new SIM card.

If it is correct, you can proceed with the next step. It is also noted that BSNL users are currently experiencing issues receiving acknowledgment messages. If you are not receiving the message, you can check the solution to proceed with the next step. On the other hand, if you received the acknowledgment message, proceed with the next step.

Step 3: Again, the user needs to send an SMS to 53734 in the below format

RE4G < space > YES

E.g., RE4G YES

After sending that, you will receive an acknowledgment message like the one below.

“Dear Customer, your request for 4G SIM swap registered successfully. Please check after 1 hour to get the services on new SIM issued ”

Step 5: Just before your old SIM card gets disconnected and the new SIM card is ready, you will get another SMS like the one below.

“Dear Customer, your request for SIM swap has been registered in Sancharsoft with …… (CSC or franchise details from where you got the new SIM). Suppose you do not submit the request. Pls, report to them immediately to stop it.”

Note: The above message was usually received, but sometimes you may not receive it. If you received the 1st two messages and not the 3rd one, don’t think that your sim will not get activated. In that case, your SIM will also get registered as soon as possible. In that case, check for the mobile network on your phone. Once you lose the network signal on your old SIM, replace it with a new SIM card, done.

The time mentioned in the second message is 1 hour, and in the first message is 15 mins. Don’t get confused with that. The service will be activated at any time after 15 minutes. But it is not guaranteed that it will get activated within 1 hour. Due to the server load and network issues, time may vary. For example, we did a 3 SIM upgrade at the same time. The first one activated after 6 hours, the second after 15 hours, and the 3rd one took almost 24 hours.

So no need to worry; whether it takes 15 minutes or 24 hours, your old SIM card will only get disconnected once the new SIM is activated. So whenever your network disappears on your mobile (old sim card inserted), replace it with a new SIM card and continue using the BSNL 4G SIM. In this way, you can upgrade BSNL 3G sim to 4G by SMS.

All the SMS to the number 53734 is free.

25 thoughts on “How to Activate BSNL 4G SIM – Steps to Upgrade”

  1. I am already in KSA but had not activated my international roaming. Now how can I activate the same from Saudi?

  2. Hi vipin…i have a doubt regarding to bsnl 2g sim…im using 2g bsnl sim now i want to change my sim to it possible to change by myself..or hv to get help from regional bsnl office..

    • You need to collect the new 4G SIM from the Customer Care and the activation can be done by yourself. Just follow the article. Needs to send 2 sms from your existing BSNL SIM card. And the new 4G sim will be activated for your number.

  3. Followed the steps .Getting an SMS ” Dear Customer, This SIM is not a 4G SIM.Please try with valid 4G SIM issued by BSNL

  4. I changed my micro bank sim to nano with same no then I got a nano sim which is same as the picture given above that is yellow SIM card with 4g but it’s only giving 3G network and not 4g plz help

    • Hi Jeena, If your 4G SIM is working and you are getting 3G network, then there is no issue with your SIM card. It means, BSNL 4G is not available in your area. If 4G network is available, then you will not get 3G network. BSNL is replacing same 3G network with 4G network in each area, that means, you will get only 2G and 4G network at the same time.

      If BSNL 4G is not available in an area, then there will be 2G and 3G network available. So in a simple word, we can say that if BSNL 3G network available in any area, there will not be 4G network available.

  5. I says ‘ Dear Customer ,this SIM is not a 4G SIM, please try with valid 4G SIM issued by BSNL ‘. But I have already upgraded.

    • You need to replace your existing SIM with the new 4G SIM card. for that, you can get the new sim card from the nearest BSNL Customer Service Center.


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