Zoiper Settings to Configure BSNL Wings

We mentioned before that Zoiper is one of the best and reliable application to use the VoIP service offered by BSNL called Wings. Even though BSNL recommends Grandstream Wave over their application called BSNL Wings, we recommend Zoiper.

We tried will all the available applications that include Zoiper, Grandstream Wave (GS Wave), BSNL Wings, etc., to use the BSNL Wings service. But the most reliable and stable one is Zoiper. Now here we will let you know how you can configure your BSNL Wings number with Zoiper.

The configuration of Zoiper is a little complicated when compared with GS Wave or BSNL’s application. BSNL’s application can be easily configured with just the username and the password. GS Wave also can be easily configured with the QR code. But on the other hand, Zoiper configuration includes 2,3 steps, which many users may find difficult in it.

So here we are mentioning all the steps involved in the configuration of the BSNL Wings number in Zoiper.

Step 1
Open the Zoiper application and click in Agree & Continue Button


Step 2
In the next screen, you will be getting a window to enter the username and password.

You can enter your username in the following format.
‘mobilenumber@servername’. For eg: say your Wings number is ‘9412345678’ and the server name/hostname is ‘kl.voip.ims.bsnl.in’ then the username for Zoiper is ‘+919412345678@kl.voip.ims.bsnl.in’

The mobile number should be in international format starting with +91, and you will get the server name from the NGN portal or from the email you received with the configuration. Here we used the server name for Kerala Circle.


Once you entered all the details, click on Create an account. Don’t get confused with the text there. It is just a Sign in ButtonButton, generally labeled as ‘Create an account.’ It is not creating any new account. Just click on it.

Step 3
Once you click the ButtonButton, next, you will enter into the account setup page. There you can see the previously registered server name or hostname automatically show. If it not shown there, enter your server name/hostname there. Then click on the ‘Next’ button.


Step 4
The next window will be for the outbound proxy settings. This setting is used for the outgoing service which you need to set. So don’t skip the page.

Click on the checkbox first, saying, ‘My provider/PBX required an authentication username or outbound proxy.’

Then enter the username and Outbound proxy address.
Username will be your wings number in international format
eg: +919412345678
In the outbound proxy column enter the following details


Then click on the ‘Next’ Button

Step 5
In the next window, Zoiper will search for the settings with the configured details. So it will take a few seconds to search the settings. So don’t click on skip.

Wait for a few seconds to complete the analysis. The application will automatically choose one setting for you. The app will either show ‘SIP TCP’ or ‘SIP UDP’ in green color, and it will be automatically selected.

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Note: if you do not see either of this in green color and then there is some issue. May be any of the entered details is wrong, or there may be an issue in the connection or on the BSNL server side. So, you can redo the steps again.

Once everything is successful, then click on the ‘Finish’ button.

Step 6
Now everything is completed. Here the application will ask you for some permissions. You can allow all the required permissions for the application and to exclude the app from DND service etc.


And the service will be active for you, and you can Zoiper to make and receive calls via BSNL Wings. Now you can use Zoiper other than official BSNL Wings app or GS wave for your Wings number.

If you are facing any issue in the configuration, please put your question in the comment section below. We can help you with this.

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