Both WiFi Calling and VoIP calls will not be a new feature for most of the users. Most of the mobile service providers in the world are providing WiFi calling or VoWiFi functionality now, and the VoIP service is being provided by other service providers mainly like app providers like WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, etc.

Both these services are using the Internet connection to make and receive calls, but here we are not going to consider VoIP service providers like WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. In this article, we are discussing the VoWiFi and VoIP service offered by telecom providers like Jio, Airtel, and BSNL.

So let see in detail about this. If you are not aware of the VoIP service available in India, then read the article about the BSNL Wings service before reading this. Also, please check the article about the WiFi Calling service offered by Airtel and Jio too.

WiFi Calling vs VoIP Calling

Both VoWiFi and VoIP are based on Internet service and used for making and receiving calls. Currently, VoWiFi is offered by Airtel and Jio in India, and at the same time, VoIP service is available in India from BSNL only and is named as BSNL Wings.

Now, let’s see the difference between VoIP and VoWiFI.

WiFi Calling or VoWiFi


  • The service is based on the Internet connection and users can make and receive calls/SMS using a WiFi connection if the network coverage is less.
  • The service is useful in the case where there is network coverage is less, but having a good WiFi connection.
  • The service doesn’t require any additional application, it will be active by default on the phone.
  • Users can make and receive calls and SMS in VoWiFi.
  • Call quality is excellent if connected to a good speed connection.


  • The service will be available only once connected to WiFi, if you have a mobile data connection on the other SIM while using dual SIM phone, it will not work and requires WiFi connection itself.
  • Even though the service doesn’t require any additional application, it requires a WiFi Calling compatible handsets. You can check the available list of compatible phones here.
  • Even though the Internet connection is good and you are connected via WiFi, callers will here ‘out of coverage’ info while calling. The issue we faced while using Jio WiFi calling.
  • The service will be useful if you have poor network coverage, but there is completely no network coverage, the WiFi calling feature will not get activated.

VoIP Service


  • This is an app-based service and hence doesn’t require modern devices. Works on any Smartphone where the internet is available.
  • It works on WiFi and Mobile data
  • No physical SIM is required, but you will get a virtual mobile number like a standard mobile number.
  • Since there is no SIM and the service is app-based, you can use this on a Dual SIM device, and you will be getting three active mobile numbers on one device.
  • Call quality is excellent if you have a good internet connection.
  • The service can be used anywhere even with 0% network coverage.


  • The service is excellent, but the support from BSNL is not so good.
  • The official BSNL Wings app offered by BSNL is buggy and the company failed to update the app even after one year. The last update made on the app was in March 2019. (Recommended to use Zoiper to enjoy BSNL Wings and you can find the Zoiper settings here)
  • BSNL Wings will offer only calls, you will not get and SMS and data feature on this.

By considering all the facts, we can say that both offers almost similar service but they have their difference. The VoWiFi will be useful for some users whereas VoIP will be useful for some other.

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