Everything That You Should Know About New Chromium Based Microsoft Edge Browser

Microsoft has now launched the Microsoft chromium-based edge browser. Microsoft and Google are two tech giant companies in the world. Microsoft and Google compete to acquire more and more customers. Where Microsoft claims the most pc users are his customers and mobile users are of Google users. So in such a case how Google Chrome can be the best pc browser in the home of Microsoft! Microsoft Edge is here to replace Google Chrome. Stay up to last and know more about Microsoft edge before you use it.

Microsoft edge

It has not been launched publicly open. There are only beta/trial of this on the internet. The browser will be launched in January 2020. Talking about features and useful information. It’s a chromium-based browser as opera and chrome. It consists of almost all the options what the most popular browser, Chrome contains. Things which can impact on lack of popularity of Microsoft edge are, Only windows app browser, small extension library and default bing search engine. Incognito mode, web page savings, save locations of visited websites, Bookmarking sites, keep tracking of your visits etc are some common in both the browser.

People and the world all around are going digital these days. Now we use the internet for every small thing in life. We have access to the internet in our hand in mobile phones. But Microsoft Edge browser is only compatible with windows. For people who work digitally need to have connected with different community and different analytics report. Here extension plays a great role in minimising our efforts. And some publishers provide Google Chrome extension to make the work easy but Microsoft edge has a very small library which doesn’t even fulfil the requirements. Google is the biggest search engine result provider and continuously doing best in providing search results. But The Microsoft edge comes with the default Bing search engine. Apart from these, there are things which makes Microsoft edge popular.

The best part of Microsoft edge

Microsoft Edge browser based on chromium has excellent performance and comparatively less memory use. According to data, Microsoft edge can save up to 20% memory while more tabs and background performance are on compared to google chrome.

Best browser for windows next to internet explorer.

Major key differences of Google Chrome & Microsoft edge

  • Homepage – Google Chrome comes with its own home of Google where you can see options of Gmail and his products and search options. But in Microsoft edge, you get to see the results of Bing. With lot other options you get News and results according to your interest on the homepage.
  • Casting – Chrome enables you to connect to a Chromecast device to display the output where Microsoft edge enables you to cast any devices that support DLNA protocol.
  • Searching engine – Google Chrome shows Google search result where Microsoft edge shows bing search result. But you can change the default search engine in both the cases.

This was a quick tour of Microsoft edge. I compared it Google Chrome to make you understand how good Microsoft edge is to you because we all have used Google chrome.

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