Finally, Ookla has launched its new free Speedtest VPN service for its users worldwide. You can access Speedtest VPN from your iOS and Android apps. As per Ookla, there will be no logs in its free VPN and also does not track any user activity. It has more than 40,000 IP addresses which assign to the users randomly for better anonymity.

Like any other free VPNs, there are some catches for the users. The Speedtest VPN is available only in Beta for now, so there will be some chances of few bugs. If you are ready to use the Free VPN, then you need to update the Ookla Speedtest app to the new version right now. After updating to the latest version, you would find a padlock icon and it will lead to making a VPN account and enabling VPN on your device.

After the completion of the beta period, Speedtest VPN will come up with a free and a paid tier for their users. But, pricing has not been disclosed for now. The free option will give 2GB of data on a monthly basis and paid tier may offer unlimited connectivity to the users. If you are using data during the network testing phase, then it will come under Speedtest VPN’s 2GB limit. So, you need to use your provided 2GB bandwidth only to use the Ookla Speedtest VPN service for now.

Speedtest VPN will never store, collect, sell or store any online activity data of the users. It includes several sites you are going to visit, your app content and your search history. In the coming days, Ookla is going to offer paid tiers once the beta phase exits. According to the company statement, the Speedtest VPN is mainly a zero log service which indicates that there will be no record of the user’s activities for sure. For example, if you are in India, but you are using a VPN server in China, then Speedtest will start running a test to China server because that is the only location to which the VPN has connected to the device.

It would be better for you to remember that the Speedtest VPN service is accessible only to the mobile users of Android and iOS. Currently, there is no option for a VPN service for desktop clients. In the coming days, the desktop clients may get the option of a VPN service. According to the Ookla, the app will create an encrypted connection between the VPN and your Android/iOS devices. The Ookla has partnered with the NetProject that is a worldwide leader in the protection of the internet to provide the best Speed Test VPN feature. The service is going to work on all devices in several parts of the world, except for Saudi Arabia, China, Kazakhstan, UAE and Egypt.

For now, the Speedtest VPN is free to use but you will get only 2GB of bandwidth per month. I will surely update you about the other features once it gets rolled out worldwide.

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