Google Messages RCS Chat Feature Now Available For More Service Providers

Google has recently launched its own RCS (Rich Communication Services) on all the Android devices which would improve the traditional SMS text messaging with the various helpful chat features. RCS is a protocol between both phones and mobile operators. The main aim of RCS is to replace SMS and MMS messages on Android devices. Google’s RCS chat system is like iMessage for the Android users worldwide.

With the help of RCS chat features on your Android device, you can chat with your friends over mobile data or Wi-Fi, send and receive HD videos and high-quality photos, and also can check if your friends have received your new messages or not. The user’s conversation will more seamless by upgrading traditional SMS text messaging with more latest features powered by Rich Communication Services (RCS). You should note that RCS does not support end-to-end encryption but includes location sharing, media support and longer messages. If you only prefer end-to-end encryption, then you can go for some other apps like Apple’s iMessage, WhatsApp and Signal.

All the Android users will finally get the basic features like typing indicators and read receipts. Also, you will get improved group chats, with the ability to name and rename groups, and also add and remove people from groups. To get RCS, you must use Android messages as your default texting app on your device. Most of the Android devices do that by default, but if you are a Samsung user, then you need to visit the Google Play Store to download it and then select it as default.

The RCS chat has also arrived in India. For now, it has been noticed working on Vodafone SIM. I have personally tested the JIO SIM, but currently, the RCS chat feature is not available right now for the JIO users. If you want to enable RCS in Google Messages, then you must go to Settings > Chat features and select the “Enable Chat Features”. After enabling the chat features, you need to turn on your Wi-Fi connection.

If you are going through any issues while the app is adopting the new chat experience, then you should disable the chat features and enable them again for resetting the connection. It would be better for you to understand that the app will ask you to enter your phone number if your carrier provider is not verified. Make sure you are providing your right phone number before proceeding further for sure.


At last, I would suggest everyone enable RCS on their phones and enjoy the enhanced messaging experience for sure. In the coming days, it is going to become a big thing in mobile communication without any second thought. Unlike any other chat services, you can connect with your family members or relatives whether your internet is turned on or off. You can also save your carrier charges once you are connected to the Internet by linking them with the RCS protocol.

Have you enabled Google messages RCS on your Android phone? Try it right now and share your valuable experiences here!

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