Google and Microsoft both are the world’s biggest software companies and now here we are going to compare their browser. Google chrome is supported in android, windows, Mac and it has popularity in all these OS. But Microsoft’s browser is only popular in windows. So let’s go ahead and see the major differences between Google Chrome and Microsoft web chromium-based edge browser.

  • Default search engine – Google has its search engine whereas Microsoft acquires binge search engine. So Chrome has Google search engine as default and Microsoft edge web has default Bing search engine. In this century where Google is the biggest search engine, Microsoft Edge web browser is not so cool to use with the bing search engine. This difference kills a major user of Microsoft edge browser.
  • Extension library – Extension is too important nowadays. Each work is made easy by extensions. For every web work, there are extensions. Google chrome comes with the biggest extension library. Microsoft Edge has a limited extension. There is a chrome extension for every single use. This is the biggest merit for Google Chrome users.
  • Ram occupy – According to the test reports, Microsoft edge occupies less space than Google Chrome. More tabs and minimising edge occupy less Memory hence its work faster and user-friendly.
    Casting – Chrome enables you to connect to a Chromecast device to display the output where Microsoft edge enables you to cast any devices that support DLNA protocol.
  • Web page loading, video streaming and faster performance – According to the user’s review and reports, It’s clear that Microsoft edge is better than Google Chrome in intense with the page loading, video streaming and performance. Microsoft Edge is best for Netflix and other video streaming platforms giving users a quality streaming. But Google chrome is best for e-commerce websites. It is designed to open an app browser with more reliability. Google chrome is best to read java files.

These five were the major key differences between chrome and edge browser which impacts its users and popularity. Apart from that, there are more differences which don’t mean to be any changes for users. There are different themes, some extra facilities which are not iconic for users. Rest everything is the same. People use as per their choice, recommendation and work.

We get to see a lot of the same but important features which are necessary for a web browser. Incognito mode, Password saving features, Location save, History details etc. Both are chromium browsers but users have their own choice. Being your guide, I will recommend you to use Google Chrome because you don’t find here any bug and it’s used by most users. Microsoft Edge web browser is also good to use if you like video streaming most times. In streaming videos, It saves more data and gives you a better response than chrome. But if you have any online business, Then you must choose, Google Chrome for the biggest range of software and javascript best performer.

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