TrueCaller is an app for the mobile users which shows the users who are calling, even if the caller is not saved in your contact list. This app is really helpful in avoiding spam calls and helps in identifying the real caller name easily without any hassle. You would be glad by knowing that it also helps in blocking unwanted calls, preventing you from unwanted and unnecessary call rings for sure.

With the latest version of the true caller app, you can back up your call lists and contacts. For this, you should set up automatic backups on your smartphone. If your phone has been broken, stolen or lost, then you would not lose your data. Truecaller has its own great backup feature to save everything about your contact lists.

The new call alert feature of the Truecaller app will help you in knowing who is calling you even before your smartphone rings. It easily lets you keep the phone silent if you want to move to another place to speak or want to ignore it. It would be better for you to understand that it will work only when any Truecaller user only calls you.
There are millions of smartphone users who prefer truecaller only due to its great and helpful features to the users. The app runs on Windows Phone, Android, BlackBerry 10 and also on apple phones. It only requires internet connectivity to run via mobile data or Wi-Fi. The user interface of this app is really intuitive and simple. You would not get confused while using this app for sure.

The blocking number is very easy and secure using the truecaller app. You would get high protection against unwanted calls and robocalls. If you want to record any calls, then you can record all of them automatically or manually easily without any hassle. You should not bother about the space required; Truecaller will upload these recordings to your Google Drive account without wasting your precious time.

This app is free to use and you do not have to pay anything for using it. You would only see a few pop-up ads while using it and if you want to remove these adverts and want a smoother user experience, then you can pay a small fee for it. There are several great features of using this app which include spam blocking, intelligent dialler, multiple themes, banking, record phone calls and many more.

Many of us are happy using its free version, but if you are using it regularly, the Pro version would surely help you a lot. Also, Truecaller has an in-app referral program for users. In this program, you have to send a link to a friend who does not have Truecaller installed on his/her smartphone. Once they have installed it, both you and your friend will get a Truecaller Pro free for one week. If you are adding more friends, then the benefits of the Pro will be longer for sure.

So, what are you waiting for? You should download and install it on your smartphone right now itself!

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