Convert Your Picture to Text using OCR Technology

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is an innovative technology to identify text within images, for example, scanned files and images. It is used to translate practically every sort of image comprising of inscribed text, whether it’s printed, typed, or handwritten into a softcopy that is readable by a machine.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) has critically developed the course of data entry. It facilitates the rapid transfiguration of scanned files to text files that can be searched. These days, the prerequisite for digitized written material is on a continuous increase as it assists these texts to be noticed conveniently when necessary. It is also a lot more convenient to share these documents through electronic means.

There are several benefits possessed by Optical Character Recognition technology. Disaster retrieval is a significant benefit that comes with using OCR for data entry purposes. While data is deposited electronically in protected servers and dispersed structures, it stays safe even below emergency circumstances.

OCR Software’s are widely known for helping businesses attain higher productivity by assisting faster data retrieval once necessary. The period and energy which the staff required to give for the extraction of pertinent data can be currently channelized to emphasize central actions.

Optical Character Recognition can scan, file, and record data. It means that the information now can be stored in an electronic plan within servers, eliminating the requirement for sustaining vast paper records. The electronic files are also entirely searchable; it makes searching data through these records effortless and fast.

Several sites have developed OCR tools for the benefit of the users. The tools are highly accurate and carry out the task within minutes. Some of the best OCR tools provided online are given below:-

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) tool proposed by is one of the best available online tools. Among its numerous other benefits, one thing that users find particularly enticing is that it does not require registration or downloading of any sort. Unlike many other tools available online, it lets you use avail all the features of the tool without having to go through the registration steps.

The online free tool helps its user in converting pictures and scanned files to editable text. You can efficiently scan any kind of writing, whether it is from an old book, picture, or any pamphlet. The software can scan different formats. Additionally, its algorithm is designed to identify composite mathematical equations. It is a massive benefit since the tool is the right place for scanning complex mathematical equations.

This free online OCR tool presents its user with the option of uploading the file in many formats like GIF, PNG, TIF, BMP, JPG, and JPEG. The data produced can be downloaded if required.
One thing that is ascertained by Softo.rog is that their files remain safe and secure. The uploaded file is deleted as soon as the user has dealt with it successfully. It is neither disclosed to a third party nor saved in the database of the tool.

If you have an old image that is not very clear or maybe it’s a print from an old book, and you are worried that you might not get the best results, then you need not worry anymore. The tool supports images that are poorly scanned as well, with high efficiency. Blemish or photos that have low resolution are also not a problem for the tool.


NewOCR provides a free tool for converting an image to text. The OCR tool has the capacity to digitize your pictures along with other scanned files.

It does not require registration or involve any charges to use the OCR software. You can make several searches as the site does not impose a usage restriction on the software. The tool can carry out a scan in up to 122 different languages. It also supports many formats, so your file will be transformed within minutes.

The NewOCR tool is established on the Tesseract OCR engine, and it is an excellent tool that delivers highly accurate results in a short period. The site also ensures users that once the content is uploaded onto it, it is also consumed for the purposes intended and nothing else. So the files are only converted, and the results are displayed, it is never saved or shared to a third party.

Using the tool is a straightforward task. You simply have to access it’s the website and upload the file on the search engine. The software gives you a choice to upload the file in several formats like PDF, JPEG, PNG, DjVu, TIFF, BMP, and GIF.

Apart from providing a high degree of versatility, it also supports photographs that are not very clearly scanned. It also promotes low-resolution photos and provides highly efficient results making the tool one of the best available on the internet.


Another highly proficient Optical Recognition tool is offered by SodaPDF. The file produced is entirely editable; it also makes searching through the document a lot more appropriate since you won’t have to do lengthy readings to search for some particular detail within the report.

Using the Soda PDF OCR tool is as uncomplicated as it could get. You simply have to access their site and upload your file into it to convert the image to text successfully. The best part is that it does not tangle up its users with a registration requirement.

The site, first of all, guarantees users that their documents will remain safe and protected, so they don’t have to worry about anything. Uploading the file in the OCR tool requires some simple steps to be followed. You simply have to open their site and upload the document from your drive onto it.

The results are produced in PDF file format; additionally, it also gives you the choice of downloading it. Another benefit of the tool is that it supports up to 29 different languages. It makes the tool ideal for use for any language like English, Polish, and Ukrainian, along with a number of others.

It can recognize complex mathematical equations easily and produce highly accurate results.

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